Katumba Promises to Boost Boda Boda, Music Sectors.

Katumba who was addressing a rally near Link bus terminal in Hoima City on Monday evening says if elected his government would reduce motorbike prices from 5 million shillings to 2.5 million shillings for a Bajaj motorcycle.
Katumba campaigning as he drives through Hoima City. Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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John Katumba, an Independent Presidential candidate has promised to develop and boost the Boda-Boda Industry saying the industry employs millions of youths. 

According to Katumba, the Boda-Boda industry that employs both the educated and the uneducated youths must be looked at critically as one of the ways of dealing with unemployment in the country. 

He says despite the fact that the industry plays a pivotal role in uplifting the standards of youth employed in the sector and fighting unemployment, the current regime has not bothered to consider the youths in the Boda-Boda industry in its development plans.

Katumba who was addressing a rally near Link bus terminal in Hoima City on Monday evening says if elected his government would reduce on Motorcycle Price from 5 million shillings to 2.5 million for one to purchase a Bajaj motorcycle. He says a number of youths would want to venture into the industry but cannot afford due to the high price of purchasing motorcycles.

//cue in;:”Aba boda Njagala…

Cue out:…yezikola Katumba oyee.”//

Katumba also promised to boost the music industry saying many youths are earning a living through music but they are not supported to improve on the quality of their songs. 

He says his government would establish free music studios across the country for upcoming artists  in order for their talents to be improved to earn a living. 

//cue in;”Ekyemanyi wan utu…

Cue out:…Nayimba tensesa bubi.”// 

Katumba says his government would also reduce on the number of members of parliament which he says is too big wasting tax payers’ money which would have been used put to boost the health, Education and road sectors among others.

//cue in;”Twin aba MPs…

Cue out:…Bubi rwaki tetubakendezako.”//

The Presidential candidate faulted the current regime for using excessive force by teargassing Ugandans who are yearning for change saying such a regime should be voted out of power.

//cue in;”Era mundaba njogera…

Cue out:…edagala katumba oyee.”//  

Katumba also says his government will construct a stadium in Hoima to improve on talents of youths who are currently engaged in football so that they can compete at the international level.

//cue in;”Olaba wanu kyemanyi…

Cue out:…balabe ky byafe.”//

Gerald Atuhairwe, a boda boda rider in Hoima City says Katumba's agenda is good since it is aimed at boosting the Boda-boda industry that is currently trying to fight unemployment among both the Educated and uneducated youths.

Godfrey Kusiima, another boda-boda rider says it is true many youths are finding it hard to venture into the Boda-boda industry since they cannot afford to raise the 5 million shillings that is needed to purchase a new motorcycle.  

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