Katumba Storms Mbarara, Promises to Build a Football Stadium in Every District

John Katumba in a procession on different roads in Mbarara city (1)

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The youngest Presidential candidate, John Katumba, has promised electorate in Mbarara that once he is voted into the presidency he will construct a stadium in every district.

Katumba, who had a procession all through Mbarara streets kept pulling crowds that thronged him paralyzing traffic flow on the high street, was later forced by his many supporters to address them in a washing bay.

Katumba passed though safely and was not  interrupted by police which was busy engaged with FDC's Patrick Oboi Amuriat who spent the better half of the day in police cells.

Katumba said that he will focus on developing talents and have betting companies pay a certain fee for the development of these stadiums.

He said that he will pay football coaches just like medicals doctors are paid.

//Cue in: “ngenda kuzimba ebisaawe… Cue out: …sente ngawa bwerere.”//

Katumba said he will put much emphasis on talent development promising to construct music production studios and their producers the same money like doctors.

//cue in: “nekirara wano tuyinawo… Cue out: …kutumbula talent zabantu.”//

Katumba said he will reduce the price of motorcycles commonly used for Boda Boda to create more employment for the youth.

A motorcycle today costs between five and seven million but under Katumba's presidency the price will be reduced to two million five hundred thousand shillings. Moreover, the government would lend  to those that need motorcycles, so they do not go to money lenders.

//Cue in: “kyoka tugamba waliwo… Cue out: …million omu saavu.”//

Currently, Boda Boda riding is seen as an informal transport sector that eases movement in most urban and rural-urban setups.

About a million Ugandans are earning a living directly by riding boda boda.

 Katumba said the reason motorcycle prices are high is because of the high taxes levied on them by the government, which needs to be changed.

James Mubangizi, a voter welcomed Katumba’s ideas noting that having them implemented would make Uganda a developed country.

“When you listen to his ideas like developing talents, countries like England have developed so fast because of talent, Mubangizi said.

Katumba who was supposed to traverse the Ankole region starting from Ibanda in search for votes never showed up in Buhweju, Rubirizi, Bushenyi, Mitooma and Sheema. Marvin Konde, a member of Katumba’s campaign team said they were interrupted by the presidential debate that was rescheduled.  He said they are to harmonise again their campaign program to visit these areas they missed.

After causing excitement in Mbarara, Katumba proceeded to sub Kigezi region.