Katumba’s Campaign Trail Excites Jinja Residents

Katumba beat security to hold mini-meetings in Jinja central market, taxi park and Kirinya road, where he excited residents.
Katumba engages some of his supporters outside Jinja central market.

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Independent Presidential Candidate, John Katumba on Friday launched his campaign trail in Busoga sub-region. 

Katumba started mobilizing his supporters through a radio talk show at around 11:00 am but midway the radio program, he moved out of the studios and jumped on a waiting motorcycle. 

Katumba beat security to address mini-meetings in Jinja central market, taxi park and Kirinya road where he excited residents. However he was later intercepted by police officers who directed him to hold his campaign meeting at Kakindu stadium where dozens of his supporters had pitched camp. 

Rajab Mukose, a resident of Bugembe ward says that Katumba is a youthful leader who will focus on youth empowerment through talent promotion. 

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Cue out…dha’bantu,”. 

Ismael Nyende, a motorist says that Katumba is a people-centred leader whose election will foster improved livelihoods for all the citizens irrespective of their social status. 

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Cue out…sanyu,”. 

Yusuf Balenzi, a market vendor in Jinja Central market says that Katumba pledged to construct world-class stadiums in all regions of the country, a move which will promote both sports and recreation activities.

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On his part, Katumba promised to foster the construction of locally owned industries which will facilitate the increase in the number of jobs within the Busoga sub-region. 

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