Kawempe Mayor Arrested for Disrupting KCCA Law Enforcement

Sserunjogi was arrested for trying to block KCCA law enforcement team from evicting tax drivers who have established an illegal parking on Mambule Road. Situated in Bwaise, Mambule Road is among roads being enlarged under the ongoing Kampala Infrastructure and Institutional Development Project.
Kawempe Division Mayor Emmanuel Sserunjogi has this evening been arrested for disrupting Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) law enforcement activities.

Sserunjogi was accused of blocking the KCCA law enforcement team from evicting tax drivers who established an illegal parking on Mambule Road. Situated in Bwaise, Mambule Road is among the roads that have been upgraded under the Kampala Infrastructure and Institutional Development Project. 

Ben Kiddu, a private assistant to Sserunjogi told Uganda Radio Network that Sserunjogi was first detained at Kawempe Division Police offices and later transferred to Kira Road Police. By 7p.m when Uganda Radio Network last talked to Kiddu, Sserunjogi had been transferred from Kira Road Police to an unknown destination.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima says he has not been briefed on Sserunjogi's arrest.

However, Kampala Capital City Authority spokesperson Peter Kaujju said "we have learnt that there was a disruption of exercise to remove an illegal parking and the mayor has been taken to police to record a statement."

The arrest comes less than two weeks after executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Jennifer Musisi, penned a letter implicating the political wing led by the lord mayor, division mayors and councilors for inciting vendors to attack KCCA law enforcement officers.

"The KCCA political leadership including Authority and Division councilors has consistently accused our staff of being murderers, thugs, brutal, high-handed and unprofessional and stirred up resentment and physical attacks on the staff by the public," Musisi's August 11 letter to Kampala Minister Beti Kamya reads in part.

Sserunjogi's name came among Kampala politicians pinned by Musisi for disrupting law enforcement in Kampala. In the letter, she accused Sserunjogi of ordering the law enforcement team to stop arresting vendors operating in Bwaise, where solar traffic lights have been installed, during evening hours.

She also said Sserunjogi has been stopping the transportation of impounded merchandise from Kawempe division headquarters to City Hall court.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago says it is ridiculous that law enforcers and police who are supposed to work on instructions from the mayor have turned against him and caused his arrest. "This is unfortunate, very sad to arrest the mayor. Whatever he was doing is within the law. The KCCA staff should be getting instructions from the mayor."