KCCA Divisions Get Land Committees

Kampala Capital City Council has appointed area land committees from three divisions of Kampala Central division, Rubaga division and Makindye Division while those of Nakawa and Kawempe divisions are still pending.
12 Jun 2019 17:57
Kampala City Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago addressing the press

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Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA councillors have appointed area land committees from the Kampala Central, Rubaga and Makindye Divisions.

The appointment was on Wednesday during a council sitting chaired by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. 

The five-member committees will work with the KCCA Land Board and higher land offices to handle land administration.

Lukwago says that the appointed members will be sworn in and inducted in a nearby future such that they can start handling land matters in their respective areas.

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In the past, there has been laxity in the appointment of these committees. According to the Land Act of 1998, the committees are recommended by the division councils and appointed by the council (KCCA). 

However, the committees have in the past been appointed by the division councils, which Lukwago says is illegal.

Lukwago asked the new members to conduct their business in a professional manner and not to indulge in land fraud.

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Among the members appointed include Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba who has been appointed Chairperson Land Committee of Kampala Central division. Other members are Elizabeth Kabalungi, Yusuf Lukwago, Sally Kahumuza and Daniel Ajju Odong.

In Makindye, the committee will be led by Willy Ochieng Dambyo as chairperson. Members include Twaha Lukwanzi, Christine Naluwooza, Mathias Mukasa and Nalongo Kawenja.

The committee in Rubaga division is chaired by Sewava Sserubiri. He will be assisted by Dennis Kinobe, Teddy Nassuuna, Sylvia Birungi and Fred Bugobe as members.

Nsereko Ssebuliba decried the erection of structures in wetlands. He emphasized the need for a good land system that is not a threat to the environment.

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