Kibanzanga Supporters Mobilize Money for Election Petition Cost

David Nyamwongera the NRM chairperson Bukhonzo Sub County says they opted to mobilize for money in appreciation for the former MPs for his role in rebuilding the NRM party in his Constituency.
Former Minsiter Kibanzanga recieving financial support from NRM members in Bundibugyo

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Supporters of the former Bughendera County Member of Parliament in Bundibugyo District, Christopher Kibanzanga have started a campaign to mobilize resources to meet the cost of his election petition.

Kibanzanga petitioned the High Court last year to nullify the victory of Acrobert Kiiza as Bughendera County Member of Parliament for alleged electoral malpractice.

However, the court threw out the petition on the grounds that Kibanzanga had failed to produce sufficient evidence to back his claims.   Kiiza's legal team submitted a bill of 300 Million Shillings, which was later approved by the court.

However, the former minister is yet to pay this cost arguing that he doesn't have the resources.

Over 13 million shillings have for far been collected for this cause.  Kibanzanga says the surprise gesture demonstrates how a political party should function.

He said that electoral petitions have been turned into matters for making money at the expense of justice.

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Kibanzanga however is not pleased by members of the NRM party who have abandoned him since he lost the election petition and was dropped by President Museveni in last year's cabinet reshuffle.

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David Nyamwongera the NRM Chairperson Bukhonzo Sub County says they opted to mobilize money in appreciation for Kibanzanga’s role in rebuilding the NRM party in the Constituency.  He maintains that NRM as a party still needs the former minister if it has to remain strong in the district.

“Kibanzanga has been with us since 2016 and his contributions are on record, so we cannot abandon him when he needs us most.”

Nyamwongera said Majid Kabura who contributed 300,000 shillings towards the cause said he was not convinced by the court the ruling while Harriet Ssekanabo who has contributed 100, 000 shillings expected the party leadership to stand with its flag bearer but this has not happened.

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