King Oyo Reaches Out To Subjects Amidist Growing Pressure

Gusaalire, who is also Kingdom Finance Minister, says that the celebrations were pushed to next week to enable the Kingdom mobilize for funds.

The King of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi  Fourth is now spreading out more parts of his Kingdom as he celebrates his twenty third birthday.

Oyo has since assuming the throne been holding major functions including his birthday celebrations in Fort Portal in Kabarole District.

This time around Oyo who has faced criticism with some of the royals threatening to take over his throne is now shifting the celebrations to Kyenjojo.

According to Benjamin Gusaalire, the kingdom spokesperson, the main celebrations will be take place next week on Monday at the Kyenjojo district headquarters.

Gusaalire says that it was the King\'s wish to celebrate his birth day with his subjects in Kyenjojo. He adds that in the past, subjects living outside Fort Portal have been left out of the celebrations. 

Kyenjojo is part of Mwenge County one of important parts of the Tooro Kingdom. Mwenge was home to the political education school for Tooro.  

Kyenjojo is historical in Tooro Kingdom. In the early 1950s, a palace was constructed at Ngezi, where Tooro Princess were often nurtured by Ruth Komuntale, the then Batebe (Princess Royal) of Tooro. 

Sons of the Kings were sent to Mwenge to learn the art and the language of government. It is said when the King\'s wives were about to give birth, they would be sent to Mwenge and that rebellious princes would also be sent there for correction.

In Kyenjojo district there have been mixed feelings from the people about taking the celebrations there.

Beatrice Kamuhanda, a resident of Kasina ward in Kyenjojo town council, says that she is happy the district will host the King.  Kamuhanda says in the past, residents in Kyenjojo have been spending on transport costs to attend the celebrations in Fort Portal.

However Kamuhanda says that the day shouldn\'t be only about merry making, but the King should unveil plans for his subjects in the district.

She says that Oyo should also talk about the stalled King Oyo Foundation Hospital, which was supposed to be constructed in the district five years ago.   

Steven Mugabe, a businessman in Kyenjojo town wants the people of Kyenjojo to turn up in big numbers to celebrate with the King. Mugabe says that the King rarely visits the district and taking the celebrations there is a blessing.

During the celebrations, King Oyo will also inaugurate the new kingdom sub county chiefs for Mwenge County. 

His  cousin Prince David Kijanangoma had threatened to dethrone him. Kijanangoma accuses Oyo of abdicating his kingdom and failing to reign on his mother, Best Kemigisa for interfering in Kingdom affairs. 

Kijanangoma has since been offered one of the oldest palaces in the Kingdom. The palace located at Rwengoma, was built by his great grandfather, Omukama David Kyebambe Kasagama.

While he reaches out to his subjects, King Oyo has been subject of social media discussion following what has been perceived as unbecoming sitting posture at Kabaka Ronald Mutebi\'s sixtieth birthday celebrations at Bulange Mwengo.

King Oyo was pictured sitting legs crossed, extending his hand to the Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga for a handshake. Some interpreted Oyo\'s posture as a sign of exerting his power as King of Tooro Kingdom.

But those offended by  his posture while interacting with the Kabaka, his prime Minister,  Charlessay King Oyo  should be helped work out  of his Royal etiquette.

Another picture of King Oyo and Kabaka Mutebi receiving comment on in social media relates to his greeting posture while being greeted by the Kabaka. In the picture, Oyo is seen lifting his hand above the elbow, also seen as another sign of disrespect.

While some of the comments on facebook support Oyo\'s posture saying he was exhibiting his power as a King of Tooro, some are urging Oyo to take royal etiquette to guide him when he meet other royals in future.

King Oyo was born on 16th April 1992. He ascended to the throne in 1995 at a tender age of 3 years, after the death of his father, Patrick Olimi Kaboyo.