Kisoro Leaders, Voters Want Tumukunde to Apologize for Harassing Gen.Kayihura

Abel Bizimana, Kisoro District LC5 chairman says Tumukunde is shameless to attempt to get to Kisoro to woo support yet he Knows how he beefs Kayihura their son of the soil.
Gen. Henry Tumukunde

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A section of political leaders and voters in Kisoro district want Independent Presidential Candidate, Gen. Henry Tumukunde to apologize to them over his feud with former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Chief Gen. Kale Kayihura.

Tumukunde who completed his campaign tour in Kigezi region on Wednesday evening was in the morning blocked by security officials from entering Kisoro district on grounds that he was scheduled to be there on Tuesday.

However, some political leaders and voters told our reporter that the decision by  security of blocking Tumukunde from campaigning in Kisoro came as a blessing because he is having less popularity there.

They say that Tumukunde, while still security, minister harassed Kayihura who is a resident of Nyakabande sub-county, Kisoro district.

Abel Bizimana, Kisoro District LC5 chairman says Tumukunde is shameless to attempt to get to Kisoro to woo support yet he Knows how he treated their son Kayihura. Bizimana says that Tumukunde should learn to respect people in order for them to respect him too. He says that Kisoro people are not diapers, toilet papers and serviettes.  

Vincent Kizito Habyarimana, a voter from Kanaba sub-county says that Tumukunde should not bother looking for support in Kisoro before apologizing for harassing Kayihura. He says that Tumukunde’s hate against Kayihura also contributed to his arrest.

//Cue in: “tumukunde we tituramwenda…

Cue out: …yamusasira ayije.”//

Amos Hakiza, a voter from Kisoro municipality wonders where Tumukunde got the guts from to contest for the presidential seat and yet he harassed Kayihura and former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Colonel Dr. Kiiza Besigye during his tenure as the security minister.

//Cue in: “henry Tumukunde we…

Cue out: …bobi wine.”//

Expedito Byensi, district councilor representing Nyakabande sub-county who is also the Kisoro district Traders Association Chairperson says Tumukunde’s envy against Kayihura which influenced a lot to his arrest and sacking left many Kisoro residents angered till now. He says that Tumukunde must first go to Kisoro purposely to apologize.

//Cue in: “sincerely we are…

Cue out:…do next.”//


//Cue in: “general tumukunde abu…

Cue out:… Tumukunde."//

But Tumukunde however, says the demand is not part of politics and is only propaganda being geared by a few politicians. Tumukunde says that he is even aware of some politicians in Kisoro that are paid to tarnish him. He also says that even the security plans to block him could be politically influenced. He, however, says that such demands cannot bother him.

//Cue in: “me I don’t…

Cue out: … security problems.”//


//Cue in: “abebembezi shi nibasharamu…

Cue out: …kuhikyiriza ebyanyu.”//

The bad blood between Tumukunde and Kayihura is said to have started in 2005 while Kayihura who was then a brigadier, led a 50-man force to arrest Brig. Tumukunde over his remarks while appearing on local radio before being detained at Kololo officers’ mess.

In 2016, Tumukunde was appointed the security minister and this meant he was the boss to Kayihura. In March 2018, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni replaced Kayihura with Martin Okoth Ochola as the IGP.

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