Kitgum Pensioners Threaten to Demonstrate over Arrears

Pensioners in Kitgum have given the district executive an ultimatum of two days to clear their pension arrears of else they stage a strike. In their letter, addressed to Kitgum RDC, LC V chairman and CAO, the pensioners claim that they have not been paid since August to date.

George Lamola Ocan, one of the pensioners says that they are ready to stage protests next week unless they are paid their money. Lamola says that they have given the district leadership a two days ultimatum to respond to their demands before they decide their next course of action.

He says that if the district fails to respond they will stage protests starting tomorrow. But John Ogwok Komakech, Kitgum LC V chairman accuses the pensioners of over reacting.

He accuses Lamola of using the pensioners to gain political capital for his election campaign. Ogwok argues that Lamola and his colleagues should have first sought audience with the District Executive Committee or the CAO before issuing threats to demonstrate.

He however explains that the district has not paid the pensioners because they have not received any conditional grants since July. Ogwok says that they are only left with shillings 1 million from the Equalization grant which is not even enough to fund the operations of the district.

He assures the pensioners that the DEC is working out ways to ensure that their pension arrears for the month of August are cleared.