Komamboga Explosion: Security Heightened at Mulago Hospital Where Casualties are Admitted

Ibrahim Mwesiga, Kiconco's brother says he learnt of her predicament last night after he called her phone and someone told him that she had sustained injuries in the explosion. Four of her siblings including Mwesiga are attending to her at Mulago.
Relatives of Annet Kiconco push her movable bed for a scan at Mulago hospital

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There is heavy security deployment  of police officers and private guards around and inside Mulago National Specialised Referral Hospital. 

Close to ten private security personnel, donning uniforms labeled Mulago Hospital, have been deployed at the  main gate  and entrance to the general ward of Accidents and Emergency (Casualty) Unit at the hospital. 

Attendants say the deployment is unusual. 

"We have been having only three private guards at the gate and ward entrance to control number of caregivers inside the ward, one attendant said, "But we are now seeing so many guards here."

The development comes  after three people injured in the explosion at Komamboga, Kawempe Division in Kampala got admitted to the hospital over the weekend.        The trio identified as Annet Kiconco, Peter Ssengonzi and Derrick Isabirye alias Minaje, are currently with serious injuries at the hospital.  

The explosion happened on Saturday, October 24 at Georon, a small eating joint next to the popular Digida Pork joint in Kawempe Division.

One person, identified as Emily Nyineneza, aged 20 years succumbed to the injuries and her body is still at the Mulago mortuary while scores, including the three at the hospital, sustained injuries.

Caregivers to some of the 50 accident patients in the general ward are concerned about the heavy deployment, saying the security personnel are rude and blocking visitors and relatives from accessing the wards.

One of the attendants, Irene Nambusi, says she was asked to identify herself at the ward entrance. 

"I was turned away because I did not have an identity card. I was not alone because three other people were blocked from visiting their sick relatives in the same ward," Nambusi who has been attending to her mother  for a week says. Her mother fractured her left leg and right arm in a motor accident. 

Meanwhile, the security guards blocked the media from accessing the wards, particularly the bomb survivors, unless they presented clearance from the hospital administration. As a result, four journalists including a photojournalist left without accessing the survivors in the wards on Sunday. 

The security guards at the entrances and exit points to the ward blocked the media from accessing the casualties, citing security reasons.

Relatives of the casualties however  poke to the media from outside the unit.

Ibrahim Mwesiga, Kiconco's brother says he learnt of her predicament at night after he called her phone number and someone told him that she had sustained injuries in the explosion. Kiconco's four siblings including Mwesiga are attending to her at Mulago.

"I was told she she had been rushed to ABC Clinic Kitala in Kanyanya in Kawempe Division and later transferred to Mulago for further management," Mwesiga says.

He says he had initially thought she had died at the clinic but was later informed by another sibling that she had been admitted at Mulago hospital.

He says his sister had sold a plate of Irish potato chips to a reveler at Digida Eating point and had returned to ask for payment when she was hit during the explosion.

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Mwesiga says medics have however delayed to operate on Kiconco. 

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Anita Nantayi, a sister to 28-year-old Ssengonzi, says he needs financial support because he lost 4.9millon shillings during the explosion. " We do not have money to nurse him so we pray that the government will take care of his medical bills.

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However, our reporter later accessed the survivors when they were taken for a scan at the Radiology Department, almost a kilometre from the casualty ward. The survivors, in pain, say they are happy to be alive. 

Meanwhile, medics say  x-ray images show that  Kiconco, aged 26 years,  and Isabirye aged 18 years sustained serious injuries. 

"We saw five bomb fragments inside Kiconco's body including her waist, buttocks, left arm and left leg, but I think these were local bombs because we did not recover ballistic materials inside her body or bones," a medic said.


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