MP Kyagulanyi Asks Parliament To Fight For His Rights

Detained Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has asked the Speaker of Parliament and MPs to fight and ensure he gets released and adequate medical assistant.
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Detained Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has asked the Speaker of Parliament and MPs to fight for his rights, be released and be able to get adequate medical attention.

Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine is held at Makindye Military Barracks as he faces charges of unlawful possession of guns and ammunition. He is held in connection to the Arua chaos arising from an election.

Over 30 others including MPs Gerald Karuhanga, MP Arua elect Kassiano Wadri, Paul Mwiru and former MP Micheal Mabikke face treason charges. Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zzake who is currently in hospital is also a wanted man according to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Now members of Parliament who visited him on Sunday say he has specifically asked the MPs to fight for his rights, and ensure he gets proper medication but also release from the false charges he is being accused.

According Ibrahim Kasozi, the Makindye East MP who visited Kyagulanyi says they personally carried Kyagulanyi who wanted to hug them, adding that he feels a very sharp pain while sitting.Kasozi says Kyagulanyi's right eye is still painful.

He says when they were leaving as a group, Kyagulanyi called him back and asked him to encourage MPs to fight for his rights.He also said the speaker of Parliament talked to Kyagulanyi on phone and he requested the Speaker to ensure he is out, but also help him get medication.

He says its unfortunate that the Army think they have the capacity to treat Kyagulanyi, and yet their CT scan machine reportedly broke down.

According to Kasozi, Kyagulanyi is not yet okay as alleged by members. He says his suspicion right now is that the army wants Kyagulanyi to totally recover then he is showed to the public.

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Earlier reports from majority of the team of Parliamentary commissioners Peter Ogwang, the Usuk MP, Rwakajara Arinaitwe the Workers MP, Doreen Amule the Chairperson Defense, and Anita Among said the MP was doing well  as compared to how his condition was presented in the press.

Ogwang said Kyagulanyi is is okay, and those that have been giving information that Kyagulanyi is in a bad state is a lie. He says People will see that he is actually okay on Thursday when in court.

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Doreen Amule, who led the delegation, said Kyagulanyi appreciated the work of the army doctors. Amule also said Kyagulanyi refused to have his photo taken with them because he was shabby.

Reports by the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), Lawyers and Kyagulanyi's family members indicate that the MP is in a bad health condition unable to sit, stand, talk and also feels a lot of pain in his body.

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