Kyambogo Students Protest Impeachment of Guild President

Running battles followed the October 2nd ‘s impeachment of the students Guild President Jonathan Tundulu by the Guild Representative Council –GRC.
Patrols of soldiers at Kyambogo University on Thursday

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Police on Thursday fought running battles with Kyambogo University students following the impeachment of the students Guild President Jonathan Tundulu by the Guild Representative Council –GRC.  

The GRC on Wednesday moved a vote of no confidence in Tundulu citing lack of leadership skills and disrespectful character.  

88 Guild Representative Councilors (GRC) participated in the tensed session that was supervised by Mildred Tibananuka, the Kyambogo University Dean of students.

An overwhelming majority of 74 guild leaders voted in favour of the impeachment, 10 abstained from the process while four voted our against. 

Angry students accused the university management of conniving with external forces to remove their leader.

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John Victor Walaka, a former Kyambogo guild presidential candidate under UYD (Uganda Young Democrats) alleges that the GRCs and the guild ministers were bribed by university management to kick out the guild president because he is opposition. 

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Tundulu who was hiding in one of the students’ hostels outside Kyambogo University told URN that he was ambushed with an impeachment in the GRC house.  

He says, however, majority of the leaders who participated in the process have been forced out of the university by students, who say they were not consulted before the move.  

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Prior to his impeachment, Tundulu had on September 27 sacked his entire cabinet after their alleged failure to give accountability to respective ministries.  

Tundulu says that his cabinet of 15 ministers had deliberately refused to write accountability reports of their respective ministries which comprised the demands of the students’ community.

Professor Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya when contacted dismissed the students’ complaints as mere allegations citing they were getting petty.

  “We shall comment on that tomorrow in a press conference but the students should stop spreading falsehoods. I am not involved in any student issues,” Professor Katunguka said when contacted on phone.