Land Conflicts Worry Bunyangabu Leaders

Bunyangabu Resident District Commissioner Asiimwe Jane Muhindo says there is need to address the insecurity caused by land disputes.

A series of land conflicts in Bunyangabu is worrying locals and leaders in the District.  

Leaders say family misunderstandings and fraudulent money lending businesses are the leading causes of the land wrangles in the district.  

Bunyangabu Resident District Commissioner Jane Asiimwe Muhindo says there is need to address the insecurity caused by land disputes.  

Muhindo notes that her office is receiving between 3-5 land related complaints every day urging that the situation is negatively affecting families since the warring parties spend most of their time in courts of law and at police. 

In one of the many cases, a man in Kabagara zone, Kisomoro Sub County is threatening to forcefully evict his mother from her late husband’s land. 

Ruth Kihamaiso, a mother of eight is accusing one of her sons, Thomas Mwanguhya of threatening to kill her over her late husband’s land.  

In a related case, a woman in Kyamukube town council is embroiled in a land conflict with a money lender over a debt that has accumulated to over 2 million.  

The RDC says they are re-energizing there efforts in organising mediation meetings among conflicting parties.   

Gorette Kanyunyuzi, a local in Kabagara Zone blames the issue on slow court proceeding which delay to pass judgments. He says as a result parties leave courts and begin to fight.

James Mugarama, the LCV Bunyangabu warns families to stop using land as a form of security to acquire loans without approval of all key family members.