Landlord Closes Bugweri NRM Offices over Rental Arrears

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Sonko Maganda, the National Resistance Movement-NRM chairperson of Busesa village, in Bugweri town council, in Bugweri district, on Saturday resolved to close down the party’s offices, over their failure to clear rental arrears. 

Maganda says that he is owed by the party offices rental dues for the whole of 2021, amounting to five million Shillings. 

He stresses that the party was operating in open spaces for a period of about two years and after engagements with different party officials within the district, Maganda resolved to rent out his four-roomed house to them. 

According to their tenancy agreement, NRM officials agreed to pay an annual rental fee of five million shillings, which was meant to be paid as a lump sum in January of every year, for their occupancy at the premises. 

In addition, both parties agreed that in case of relocating to other premises, the tenants would notify the landlord at least three months prior to their departure.

Maganda notes that prior to closing down the NRM offices, he endeavored to engage party authorities within the district, but over time, responsible officials stopped attending to his repeated phone calls, prompting him to forcefully close the offices and he will only open up after payment of the pending rental dues. 

Maganda adds that he is embroiled in endless debts and if NRM officials are reluctant to  pay their rental dues, he will seek court redress.

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All NRM officials contacted in the district confirmed that their offices had been closed off by their landlord, but none of them was willing to comment about the matter on the record.