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Lango Paramount Chief Appoints New Electoral Commission Members :: Uganda Radionetwork

Lango Paramount Chief Appoints New Electoral Commission Members

The five-member commission will be chaired by the deputy Awitong of the Inomo clan Col. Rt. Dan Opito Odwe
The letter appointing new members of the EC

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Yosam Odur Ebii, the paramount chief (Won- Nyaci) of Lango under Lango Cultural Foundation has appointed new members of the Electoral Commission. The members will spearhead the election of a new Won-Nyaci in November.  

The five-member commission will be chaired by the deputy Awitong of the Inomo Clan Col. Rt. Dan Opito Odwe and will be deputized by Patrick Denis Okwir Jaramogi.  Other members are Tony Omar who has been appointed the secretary, and Molly Akello and Charles Ojok as members. 

“Following the recent notice of my abdication published in the Uganda Gazette dated 19th April 2024 Vol. CXVII No. 28, General Notice No. 724 of 2024 and in compliance with the Institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act, 2011 I have this 17th day of June 2024 made the following appointments of LCF Electoral Commissioners.” the letter reads.

The letter further notified the Speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation “to convene a General Assembly of LCF to confirm and have the appointees sworn in, in reasonable time to enable them to commence their duties immediately."

Jacob Ocen, the foundation Spokesperson said the institution is undergoing transition, confirming that Mzee Yosam Odur is still the sitting Won- Nyaci until November.  He added that every Lango from 18 years and above will be allowed to participate in the election to avoid confusion and the feeling of exclusion.

He described the March 2024 election during which Eng. Dr. Moses Michael Odongo Okune was elected as null and void saying it was organized by Lango Cultural Institution, a parallel faction.

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Cue out: ...Wonyaci ame oyero.”//

Dr. Richard Nam, the former prime Minister at Lango Cultural Foundation who is among the Owitong who drafted the 2017 constitution of Lango Cultural Foundation explained that the March 2024 election which brought in Odongo Okune is illegal because it did not follow the constitution.

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//Cue in: “Cik me 2017…

Cue out: ... mw konyo Wonyaci.”//

Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen, the Awitong Okarowok Wibye-acel clan believes that the conflict between the two factions is an attack on the moral sovereignty of Lango yet culture is very important in organizing the society.

//Cue in: “A strong culture…

Cue out: ...a big joke.”//

He wants the Owitong subscribing to Lango Cultural Institution to think about the future of the people of Lango, especially the children.

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In December, Odur suspended the activities of the then-commission for failure to appear before and follow the law governing elections in Lango Cultural Foundation.

The seven-member commission that was chaired by Tom Otim, a retired head teacher was named during a cultural council meeting held on Tuesday, November 7th, 2023. They were tasked with the responsibility of foreseeing the election and swearing in Odur's successor as per the guidelines issued.

On 1st March 2024, the disbanded members of the EC conducted an election in which Odongo Okune garnered 1,692 votes against his only opponent Dan Okello who got 139 votes. Odongo was then declared Won Nyaci- elect and preparations are underway to have him enthroned in November. 

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