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Lango Paramount Chief Wants Gov't to Take Over School

The school was opened in 2017 by Janet Kataha Museveni, the Minister for Education and Sports, however, it has failed to attract students.
Front View of the school Administration block block.

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The Lango Paramount Chief Yosam Odur Ebii has asked government to take over Ayaa Victoria Odur Girls' Secondary School.

The private school was opened three years ago by Janet Kataha Museveni, the Minister for Education and Sports, however, it has failed to attract students.   It was constructed in memory of Odur's wife, the late Victoria Ayaa.  


With 18 qualified teaching staff, the school opened with an enrollment of 56 students although only 20 have so far reported from S.2 to S.4. The number is expected to increase with the enrolment of Senior One students.

Theresa Ajam, the headteacher of the school explained that the school has lowered its fees to 200,000 shillings and offering bursaries of 60,000 shillings to all students as a way attracting more students.  

She attributed the low turn of students at the school on the lack of sensitization of the community on the benefit of education.

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Tom Ogwal Ekuka, the Chairman Board of Governors said they want the government to take over the school under the seed secondary school project.

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Last year, the Education Ministry commenced on the procurement process to construct 127 Seed Secondary Schools under the Inter-Government Fiscal Transfer Program.

Ekuka says that once the school is taken over by government, several classrooms will be constructed and the school will be able to access Universal Secondary Education-USE funds.

Robert Atim, the Chairman LCIII of Chegere Sub County says the move to elevate the school into a government school will not only improve on the livelihood of the people but also bring services closer to the Community. 

“Chegere sub-county is still behind in terms of performances especially Girls Child with over 80% of Girls failing to complete secondary education due to high demand of bride price,” Atim said. 

Tom Odongo, a local resident of Agong village in Chegere welcomed the move saying once taken over,  the community will reap big from support citing the USE Program.