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Lango Region Leaders Ask Gov't to Revive Amuka Militias to Counter Cattle Rustlers :: Uganda Radionetwork

Lango Region Leaders Ask Gov't to Revive Amuka Militias to Counter Cattle Rustlers

Benson Dila Oyuku, the Oyam district chairperson wants government to re-activate Amuka militia which was commanded by late Engola to guard Lango from Karamojong disturbances.
Nomi Otyeno, the speaker Oyam District council chairing the sub regional council meeting in Oyam Boma Ground (Photo by Immaculate Amony)

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Lango Sub Region leaders want the government to revive the Amuka Militia to fight Karamojong rustlers in the area.    The call was made on Thursday at the sub-regional council meeting held in memory of former Minister of State for Labour Col.(Rtd) Charles P. Okello Engola.

The militia was formed in 2004 to boost and support Uganda's Peoples Defense Forces in the search for LRA rebels at the height of the insurgency in North and Eastern Uganda.

The council meeting which was attended by council members from all the districts in Lango including a few from Acholi and West Nile sub-regions made the resolution in memory of Late Engola’s contribution towards pacifying the sub-region.

Nomi Otyeno, the Oyam District Speaker described the late Engola as an ambitious, brave tough man who has never planned to fail.

//Cue in: “He was humble…

Cue out: … hero would end.”//

Speaker after speaker praised Engola for his bravery in fighting the LRA war in Lango and Northern Uganda as a whole as well as fighting Karamojong cattle rustlers.

Benson Dila Oyuku, the Oyam LCV Chairperson wants the government to re-activate the Amuka militia which was commanded by the late Engola to guard Lango against Karamojong invasions.

//Cue in: “Government should provide…

Cue out: … themselves we can.”//

Geoffrey Ocen, the LCV Chairperson Amolatar said Okello Engola's contribution to Lango is cherished especially in restoring peace so government should arm the people of Lango to guard themselves against the Karamojong cattle raiders.

//Cue in: “An akwayo nii…

Cue out: ...otye ogeno mony.”//

David Kennedy Odongo, the chairperson of Lango District Chairpersons and Mayor’s Forum asked the government to honor Okello Engola by permanently disarming Karamojong and restoring peace to the Lango sub-region.

//Cue in: “We have suffered…

Cue out: ... be taken lightly.”//

The councilors also want the government to compensate Engola’s family with 20 billion Shillings and also award him a Posthumous promotion. They also want the government to tarmac Ayer-Bobi road, and Iceme through Oyam Town to Minakulu sub-county and name it after Engola.

Vox pop on other demands.

//Cue in: “Gamente atic gi…

Cue out: … of Brigadier General.”//

Denis Hamson Obua, the Government Chief Whip advised that the council resolutions be documented and presented to the government at the burial on Saturday. 

//Cue in: “A resolution of…

Cue out: ...can refer to.”//

After the council meeting, the body was taken to St. Nathan Church of Uganda Awangi for a vigil and later to his home in Awangi ‘A’ village, Iceme sub-county.

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