Late delivery of Voting Materials Delays Voting In Mbarara City

“People came in early but materials were delayed, but also as people knew that the president allowed everyone to vote, they never wanted to be cross checked but to vote, and this created chaos in some areas” she said.
Voters gather outside the polling station as they wait for voting materials

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Late deliver of  voting registers has delayed the kick off of voting in most areas of Mbarara city.

Voting that was supposed to kick off at 11:00 Am was delayed by an hour at most polling centres.

At Kiswahili All saints church polling station, the registrar Ritah Namakula, said that they were supposed to get the materials at 9: 00 AM but by 11: 00 Am the materials were yet to be delivered.

//Cue in: “at this polling… Cue out: …voting at eleven.”//

This delay has caused chaos in some polling stations like Mandela and Kisenyi B polling stations in Kakoba Division.

Sharuwa Muzamilu, election observer, said that people had arrived as early at 8:00 am at different polling stations but voting materials and some registrars delayed.

She said the overstay of people at polling stations coupled with the movement of voters from station to station caused chaos at these polling stations.

“People came in early but materials were delayed, also people knew that as the president directed everyone to vote they never wanted to be cross checked but to vote, this created chaos in most areas.” she said.

At Kisenyi A, registrar Hassan Katumba said that they received the voting material at 8:00Am but cross checking delayed because people delayed coming to the polling station.

//Cue in: “at eight we… Cue out: ...cross checking them.”//

Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, the incumbent acting Mayor Mbarara city, said that complaints were being brought in by his agents that some polling stations had not received voting materials.

//Cue in: “that is another… Cue out: …without having issues.”//

The NRM registrar for Mbarara. Yoramu Kacumita, was not readily available for a comment.  

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