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LCV Chairperson Candidates Vow to End Corruption in Luwero District :: Uganda Radionetwork

LCV Chairperson Candidates Vow to End Corruption in Luwero District

Daniel Sserubidde the Independent Candidate says that the office of LC 5 Chairperson has been used as the merchant for money in which people who seek contracts must report to get awards.

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Candidates vying for the LCV Chairperson seat for Luwero have vowed to fight corruption tendencies which they say has crippled service delivery.

The campaigns are in high gear as candidates traverse villages asking for support ahead of elections on January 20th, 2021. The race has attracted six candidates who include Uthman Jjuuko Kamoga (National Resistance Movement) Erasto Kibirango (National Unity Platform) and Rashidah Birungi (Alliance for National Transformation.

Others are Vincent Ssebayiga, Dithan Kikabi and Daniel Sserubidde all Independent candidates.

The candidates have used the campaigns to condemn and vow to fight against corruption which they say have blighted service delivery and denied residents access to jobs in Luwero district administration.

Sserubidde says that the office of LCV Chairperson has been used as the merchant for money in which people who seek contracts must report to get awards.

Sserubidde says that some contractors bribe leaders to influence the process of selecting them as highest bidders making it difficult to supervise them and take action when they execute shoddy works.

He says that some works including road and market tenders are being executed by leaders who fronted pseudo companies to profit in them.

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Birungi, says that there is a public outcry that locals have missed jobs advertised by the district because these are unable to pay bribes to the District Service Commission.

She says that once elected she will restore integrity in the institution and make it difficult for any person found guilty of corruption to stay in the office across the district.

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Kikabi another candidate says that his anti-corruption strategy involves empowerment of communities to demand accountability from contractors and district officials on each contract that is executed within their areas.

Kikabi adds that even those contracts which are awarded at Central Government, the implementers will be tasked to hold public meetings to explain what they intend to do and the costs involved so that the public can hold them accountable.

Kikabi observes that some projects are awarded at Central Government but when shoddy works are done or abandoned, people turn their guns at district officials which also lack information on what is supposed to be done.

Emmanuel Nsubuga the Democratic Party Chairman for Luwero town Council has welcomed the commitment of some candidates to fight corruption but said they need to walk the talk when they are elected.

Nsubuga explains that he wants the candidates to prioritize the fight against corruption in health centers which have lead locals to lose trust in public facilities.

Patrick Kisekwa the District Councillor for Makulubita sub-county is among the few councillors who have tried to fight corruption tendencies in the district in past years.

He, however, says that some of the candidates in the race are holding elective positions which they have not used to support the fight against corruption but instead protect those accused.

Kisekwa explains that he tried to table petitions seeking to investigate technical staff over corruption but one of the candidates turned it down.

He adds that this year Kikyusa Sub County female councillor Christine Nakabugo tried to table a petition seeking investigations in road works but even this was shot by one of the candidates.

Kisekwa says that residents should vote for people who will stick to their principles if the fight against corruption is to be won.

Luweero district was ranked 124th out of 144 districts in the Local Government Performance Assessment 2018/19 released by Office of the Prime Minister.

The Assessment faulted Luweero district for noncompliance in the submission of reports, failure to respond to audit queries, non-dissemination of information on contracts and lack of supervision among other areas.

The Auditor-General report also faulted the district officials for failure to account for 94 million shillings spent in the financial year 2017/18. The money was reportedly spent on catering services, buying spare parts to repair boreholes and service vehicles.

The districts are listed among the most corrupt government institutions in the country, according to a 2018 report of the Inspectorate of Government.

 To many, the districts and lower units are a hive for Abuse of office, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds crafted by custodians of public resources.

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