Leaders Demand Comprehensive Report on Lake Albert Shooting

On Monday three Ugandan fishermen were shot and critically injured by suspected DRC militiamen while carrying out fishing on the Lake Albert waters.
Victims of the Monday Morning shooting on Lake Albert.

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Kikuube district leaders have tasked the government to come up with a comprehensive report regarding the shooting of Ugandan fishermen by suspected DRC militiamen on Lake Albert.

On Monday, three Ugandan fishermen were shot by suspected DRC militiamen while carrying out fishing on Lake Albert.  The injured fishermen are Robert Amukuhikiriza, Deo Busobozi and Seremos Byaruhanga, all attached to Nsunzu B landing site in Buhuka parish. 

The suspected militiamen raided the lake and out the fishermen at gunpoint before ordering them to surrender their fishing gear including engines, fishing nets and engines.

Vincent Alpha Opio, the Kikuube LCV Vice-Chairperson wants the government to immediately investigate and come up with a comprehensive report and also find out the motives behind the persistent attacks.

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Christopher Nkalu, the Kikuube District Council speaker says that attacks have left the fishermen with no source of income. He says that the district is set to petition the ministers of defence and internal affairs respectively over the rampant attacks.

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Nicholas Kiiza, the Secretary for Production and Natural Resources Kikuube district local government says the attacks have greatly affected revenue collection since the lake is one of their vast revenue sources.

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Emmanuel Bisemeza, the Kyangwali sub-county LCIII Chairperson wants the government to tighten and intensify surveillance on the lake to protect the fishermen. 

Abdullah Ssentongo, a fisherman at Bugoma landing site in Kyangwali sub-county wonders why the Ugandan security operatives deployed along the shores of Lake Albert cannot protect fishermen from the attacks.

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Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson explains that top security operatives in the region are investigating the attacks.

He says following the Monday morning attack, Security has been intensified both on the lake and along the shores of Lake Albert to protect Ugandan fishermen.  

Attacks by the suspected DR Congo militiamen on Ugandan fishermen have been rampant since 2018.       

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