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Leaders in Lamwo Task Army to Detonate Ordinances :: Uganda Radionetwork

Leaders in Lamwo Task Army to Detonate Ordinances

Lamwo Resident District Commissioner James Nabinson Kidega says the government through the UPDF should initiate a full scale project that focuses on removal and detonation of abundant UXOs in the region.
Rose Aryemo Oola, takes care of her son who sustained injuries in Wednesday grenade explosion in Lamwo District.

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Lamwo District leaders have tasked the Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF to intensify detonation of unexploded ordinances in the communities. 

The leaders argue that thousands of explosives have been abandoned or buried by combatants at the height of two-decade LRA insurgencies and continue to pose serious dangers to the lives of locals.

The call comes, just a day after a grenade exploded and killed two children and severely injured two others in Abuka village in Palebek Gem Sub-county. The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when the children were reportedly playing with the grenade they found while grazing cattle.

Lamwo Resident District Commissioner James Nabinson Kidega says the UPDF should initiate a full-scale project that focuses on removal and detonation of explosives in the region.

He says the UPDF demining department which has been trained is not putting the locals as a priority adding that they are not active in the areas that are still littered with unexploded ordinances.

Kidega says UPDF should embark on combing areas that formerly hosted heavy fights with the LRA with modern equipment to get rid of all explosives that have become a barrier to progress in the community.

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He says limited knowledge among locals especially children on the presence of such unexploded ordinances remain a big challenge in the community resulting in accidents that would have been prevented.


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Christine Oyella, area councillor Pewena Parish in Palabek Gem Sub-county says the heavy rain that pounced the region this year has exposed several unexploded ordinances and called for speedy intervention of UPDF. 

She says delays to have the explosives removed within the community will likely result in panic and more injuries among the locals who are still recovering from the brunt of LRA war.


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Denis Onen, a resident of Abuka Village is one of the parents who lost a child, Isaac Ogenrwot in the explosion. He says another child Sunday Acellam sustained grave injuries and is currently admitted at St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum.

Onen appealed to the army to compensate the life of his child who died in the explosion and foot medical bills for the injured since it was the responsibility of the government to remove the explosives from the community. He says his injured son may never fully recover since the blast destroyed his feet, legs and arms.

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Rose Aryemo Oola, another parent whose child also died in the explosion says the government should take up the responsibility of compensating for his lost life. Aryemo says another child who was badly injured in the incident is currently battling for his life at St Joseph’s Hospital and notes that the family is financially handicapped to foot his medical bills.

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The fifth Infantry Division Spokesperson Lt Hassan Kato didn’t immediately respond to this matter by press time.

It’s estimated that thousands of unexploded ordinances are still littered in various areas within Acholi sub-region that were once battlefields between the LRA and UPDF.

In Lamwo District, areas of Gem mede in Palabek Gem, Ayuu Alali in Palabek Kal Sub-county and parts of Madiopei Sub-county still has the presence of several unexploded ordinances.  

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