Lira SACCO Besieged by Angry Clients

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The Lira Women Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO), has been raided by a group of women demanding for a refund of their deposits.
The women stormed the SACCO offiecs in Lira yesterday and accused the the SACCOs chairperson, Dolly Okullu, of lying to them that they would be able to get loans if they made deposits.
Okullu who was attending a meeting, was forced to abandon the meeting abruptly after the women turned rowdy. She was escorted to the office of the Resident District Commissioner by police.
Dolly's trouble stems from a statement she made recently, saying that government through the microfinance ministry, released 500 million shillings to benefit Lira women's SACCO.
The women then started demanding the whereabouts of the money.
Wilson Balinda, the Micro finance Support Centre general manager for northern Uganda says Okullo is solely responsible for her assertions.
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But Dolly says the confusion surrounding her organization is political and aimed at sabotaging women's success.
She threatened to take stern action against some few ladies who she accused of masterminding the Thursday's demonstration.