Low Revenue Hindering Development of Fort Portal Town

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Fort portal Municipality is failing to meet its target because of local low revenue collection. Fort Portal Municipality collects shillings 400 million shillings from the three divisions South, East and West.

The revenue is generated through issuing licenses to traders, tendering of markets and also from washing bays. However this money is not sufficient to deliver services to the people living in the municipality and also to meet the targets that are often set by the municipal authorities.

Edison Ruyonga, the Mayor Fort Portal and Secretary for Finance say that 70% of their work has not been accomplished because of insufficient revenue. Ruyonga says that the locally generated revenue is supposed to fund opening of access roads in the municipality, construct bridges, install street lights and provide piped water at Mpanga and Kasusu markets.

Rebecca Ajuna, a trader at Mpanga Market says that for five months, they have requested for piped water to be supplied in the market but there has not been any response.

Ajuna says that the council often complains of insufficient funds and yet the traders are paying revenue. At Kasusu market, the municipality promised to construct market stalls but nothing has been done.

The traders sell their products in the open and are often disrupted by heavy rains. Richard Alituha, the Town Clerk Fort Portal Municipality says that the municipality is planning several avenues of increasing local revenue.

Alituha says that the municipality is planning to construct two markets and washing bays in each of the three municipal divisions. Alituha also says that low cost housing estates will be constructed at Kagote parish to boost the population of the municipality and the revenue base.

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He also says that the locally generated revenue funds the renovating of the three division headquarters, pay water and electricity bills and firms that have been contracted to keep the municipality clean. Fort Portal town, one of the oldest towns in the country currently has a population of 56,000 people