Low Turn Up of Learners Registered in Schools Across Lango

In most schools visited in various districts, there were less than 100 learners at schools.
Two P.7 pupils attending lessons at Okio primary school

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Government schools across the Lango sub-region on Monday registered a low turn up of pupils.

In most schools visited in various districts, there were less than 100 learners at schools.

At Angicakide Primary school in Alebtong District, only 8 pupils; all girls reported to school on Monday. At Adwir Primary School only 103 out of the 855 pupils of the school reported on the first day.

In Okio Primary School, Aromo Sub County in Lira District, only two pupils reported in primary seven class bringing the total number of pupils who came on the first day to 88. The school has a total enrolment of 816 pupils.

Kenneth Aguma, the headteacher of the school attributed the low turn up to anticipation by parents that the school might not open because the new classroom blocks at the school have not been officially commissioned. 

//Cue in: “Since the school…

Cue out: … bring their children.”//

In Alukot Primary school, Otuke District out of the 695 pupils 85 reported.  Florence Awino, the headteacher says her biggest challenge is the parents’ attitude towards education.

//Cue in: “Most of the parents…

Cue out: ... children to school. //”

However, at Okum Primary School 285 pupils reported out of the 1,177. Grace Auma, the headteacher is optimistic that the number of pupils will increase by the day, and observing social distancing will be a big challenge.

//Cue in: “According to this…

Cue out: ... we lack classes.”//

At Amolatar SDA Secondary School where there are 562 students, 4 had reported while at Amolatar Primary School there were 2 out of the 800 pupils.

At Agwingiri Girls School 19 students had so far reported.  A teacher at the school told URN that parents are not sure whether or not schools will remain open for long, a reason why they are not bringing students back.

“The turn up is low and some parents are sending their children without school fees and foodstuffs for fear that government may again close schools.”

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