Luweero District Transfers All Parish Chiefs

Bernard Okello, the Luweero Human Resource Officer, told URN that the transfers are aimed at reorganizing the staff structure and stopping revenue leakages.
The Luweero Chief Administrative Officer has reshuffled all parish chiefs in an attempt to reorganize the staff structure and stop revenue leakages. According to the list issued on September 4th by the Luweero Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, William Makune, the transfers affect all 40 parish chiefs in the district.

The district has also designated some staff including secretaries and typists to work as parish chiefs until the vacant positions are filed. Bernard Okello, the Luweero Human Resource Officer, told URN that the transfers are aimed at reorganizing the staff structure and stopping revenue leakages.

He explained that some of the affected parish chiefs had overstayed in the same areas contrary to public standing orders, which stipulate that a civil servant shouldn't serve in one office for more than three years. According to Okello, the performance of some of the staff had declined because of overstaying in the same positions.

He explains that other chiefs have been unable to collect revenue anymore from those areas because they had been compromised by friendship and others bonds with some taxpayers. Okello notes that the transfers are also aimed at breaking such bonds and ensure the district collects more taxes.

He however, says the transfer list is tentative adding that those with sound reasons on why they shouldn't be moved can write to the CAO for consideration. Ronald Ndawula, the Luweero LC 5 Chairman has welcomed the transfers, saying some chiefs have been pocketing revenue collected from parishes and it was difficult to find out how much they have been collecting.

Ndawula says the changes will help to stop such leakages and raise more revenue to improve service delivery. Apparently, Luweero district collects only Shillings 380 million in local revenue out of its Shillings 42 billion annual budget. Ssonko Kisekwa, the Makulubita sub county councilor, says the transfers may not create any impact because the timing and mode was wrong.

He says earlier transfers demoralized and created panic among staff hence affecting service delivery. Kisekwa proposed that the transfers be made gradually instead of being rushed as the CAO's office is doing as if these were the major bottleneck to service delivery.

Some of the affected parish chief told URN on condition of anonymity that they will petition the CAO to stay their transfers, saying they have families within their work stations and can work well when they are nearby.

Others complained of ill health and advanced age something that can't enable them to ride long distances to chase for tax payers. Last year, the Government directed Parish Chiefs to monitor and supervise the Operation Wealth Creation program to ensure its effectiveness at the village level across the country. 

Government also increased the salaries of Parish Chiefs from Shillings 360,000 to Shillings 460,000 but revised the academic qualifications of parish chiefs to Diploma level while those without papers were given three years to attain the requisite academic qualifications or be retrenched

Luweero district has transferred more than 100 officers since the new financial year started in July. Among those affected are all town clerks, community development officers, enforcement officers, finance officers, accountants and lower ranking staffs among others.