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Luwero LCV Chairperson to Streamline Operations of District PAC :: Uganda Radionetwork

Luwero LCV Chairperson to Streamline Operations of District PAC

Erastus Kibirango the new LCV Chairperson says that the Public Accounts Committee had been neglected and its findings ignored.
From left ; Ronald Ndawula the former LC 5 Chairman and his successor Erastus Kibirango

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The LCV Chairperson Luwero has embarked on streamlining the operations of the Public Accounts Committee to promote transparency and accountability.

According to Section 88 (7) of the Local Government act, a district Public Accounts Committee shall examine the reports of the Auditor-General, chief internal auditor and any reports of commissions of inquiry and may, in relation to the reports, require the attendance of any councillor or officer to explain matters arising from the reports.

Section 88 (8) of the same act directs the district Public Accounts Committee to submit its report to the council and to the Minister responsible for local governments who shall lay the report before Parliament.

However, for the past term, no single report from the committee was tabled in the district council for debate and recommendations. Councillors accused the committee of inefficiency and lack of transparency.

Ronald Ndawula the former LCV Chairperson Luwero district says that he received reports twice from the committee but some of the recommendations were overtaken by events and commissioners also faced budgetary limitations to deliver reports in time.

Ndawula added that they discussed some recommendations as District Executive Committee and forwarded them with recommendations to the Chief Administrative officer for action.

But Erastus Kibirango the new LCV Chairperson says that the Public Accounts Committee had been neglected and its findings ignored.

Kibirango says that the findings of PAC are crucial for promoting transparency and accountability among civil servants in the district since they keep them in check.

Kibirango says that he intends to strengthen the committee by finding space for its office, allocate more budgets to it and ensure they share their findings every quarter for discussions in council.

Kibirango says that he intends among others to fix at least one sitting every financial year where reports of the Public Accounts Committee and other statutory bodies are tabled for all councillors to discuss as well as seek answers from the CAO on matters raised there.

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Erukam Kyoole Wamala the Chairperson of Luwero District Public Accounts Committee said he was uncomfortable discussing challenges of the committee with the media and promised to meet Chairperson to discuss how to streamline the operations.

Kyoole said they are supposed to review audit reports every quarter and submit reports to Chairperson for discussion in council but they are financially constrained to do the work in time.

In 2017/18, The Auditor General report faulted the district officials for failure to account for 94 Million Shillings and causing financial loss of 34 Million Shillings. 

In 2019/20, the Auditor General also faulted the district of gross financial mismanagement over non-remittance of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) worth 90 million shillings, delays of 48 pensioners to access payrolls, 28 unconfirmed pensioners on payrolls and failure to utilize 2.4 billion shillings among others.

However, all these reports are yet to be scrutinized and recommendations are tabled in council for discussion.

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