Luwero Women Call For Action To End Maternal Deaths

Ritah Nalweyiso the District Councillor for Butuntumula sub-county says that although they had mobilized many women to give birth in government health centers, the deaths may force them to resort back to Traditional Birth Attendants.
Susan Nanfuma who died recently at Luwero hospital over blood shortage

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Women in Luwero district have asked the government to do more and end maternal deaths in health centers.

At least two women have died at Luwero hospital in the past two months over circumstances that women say could be avoided.

The latest victim is Susan Nanfuma aged 30 years a resident of Bukuma zone in Luwero who died on February 26 while giving birth. Another woman Specioza Nabasinga aged 36 years a resident of Kakabala village also died at Luwero hospital.

About 15 women died in Luwero in the financial year 2020/2021 while giving birth.   As the Country Joins the World to Mark International Women’s Day, the leaders in Luwero say maternal deaths remain their greatest challenge which must be addressed.

Ritah Nalweyiso the District Councilor for Butuntumula sub-county says that although they have mobilized many women to give birth in government health centers, the deaths may force them to resort to Traditional Birth Attendants.

Nalweyiso says that in the latest two cases, the women allegedly died over negligence and extortion by the health workers.

Nalweyiso has asked the District Health Office to intensify supervision of midwives and as well as provide adequate medical supplies.

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Faridah Najjuma the District Councillor For Luwero town council says that although the government upgraded Luwero Health Center IV to hospital leading to significant improvement in maternal health, medical supplies remain low compared to the increase in patients.

Najjuma says that due to low medical supplies, some women lack money to buy them from private pharmacies.

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Olivia Namukwaya a resident of Kasoma zone in Luwero town council says that there is a need for health workers to handle the women with professionalism and care.

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Vincent Mugerwa a resident of Bukuma zone in Luwero town regrets taking his wife Susan Nanfuma to the government hospital where she died.   Mugerwa says that despite paying 300,000 shillings for extra care of the wife she finally died as a result of blood shortage.

Brenda Nabukenya the Luwero District Woman Member of Parliament says that it's unfortunate for women to die in health centers over blood shortage yet this should be detected and averted before the cesarean operation is done.

Nabukenya says that she intends to table the matter in Parliament seeking investigations into the deaths of women and actions taken to end it.

But Doctor Steven Magera the Medical Superintendent of Luwero hospital says that the facility has enabled many women to deliver safely despite the challenges.

Magera says that that few that have died at the facility are due to drug stock and the absence of rare blood groups for certain women among other factors above them.

According to District Health Report, 20464 out of the expected 25,957 deliveries were registered in the year 2020/21.

The District intends to ensure that 85% of women give birth in health centers by end of 2021/22 and reduce deaths by 50%.      

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