Mao Refuses to Negotiate with "Rebel DP" Leaders, Accuses Baganda Elders

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Mao Refuses to Negotiate with "Rebel DP" Leaders, Accuses Baganda Elders

Edward Bindhe


Norbert Mao, the Democratic Party Presidential candidate has refused to meet and negotiate with a section of Rakai district party leaders, who formed a group to decampaign him and his group.

Last year, a group of disgruntled Rakai district Democratic Party leaders led by party historical Damiano Lubega, a Buganda Kingdom official formed a group to decampaign Mao faction on ground that he was illegally elected. This group which has about 15 disgruntled DP leaders is opposed to Mao's leadership because he is not a Muganda.

Some of the disgruntled DP leaders who are decampaigning Mao and his group are Damiano Lubega, Richard Lule, Henry Salongo Kigoye, Cissy Bwanika, and Betty Nanjobe. Others are Nakawojjwa Maada, Joseph Kabugu, and Henry Mulindwa.

On Friday, Charles Mande Lugumya, the current Rakai district Democratic Party chairman had organized a mediation meeting for Mao to meet these disgruntled party leaders in Kyotera town council. But Norbert Mao who is campaigning in the district seeking to be Uganda's next president has refused to meet and negotiate with any of the leaders.

Mao says he cannot meet and negotiate with such a section of Baganda historical who have denied Democratic Party to take up leadership because of their sectarianism. Mao specifically blasts Damiano Lubega, the group ringleader of constantly breaking Democratic Party constitution.

// Cue in: "Damiano Lubega...."

Cue out: ".....problem that Lubega has."//

Mao therefore asked the people of Rakai to vote out all these leaders because they are sabotaging DP strength by keeping it in Buganda. Mao claims that DP has regained its strengths under his leadership which has seen him capture most of the Northern Uganda and parts of Western Region.

John Mary Ssebuwuufu, the DP parliamentary candidate for Kyotera County accuses Lubega of financing a candidate at every position in Kyotera to undermine DP candidates. He says he is worried DP may not win because having many candidates with similar symbols is accusing confusion among voters in Rakai.

// Cue in: " It affects us..."

Cue out: "....defeated because of one vote."//

Damiano Lubega, the ring leaders of disgruntled DP leaders in Rakai accused of sabotaging Mao and his group declined to comment. He says he tired of the media. But Joseph Kabugu another DP leader told URN that he does not mind what Mao says. He describes Mao and his group as a phone missed call, meaning he is a gone case.

Mao spent most of his campaign in Rakai explaining how he, as a Northern has come to redeem DP. He asked voters in Sanje, Byakabanda, Kyotera, Kalisizo, and Bukunda to vote for him to show his new breed of modern leaders.

Mao continues his campaigns in Masaka today, another equally divided DP stronghold. Today, a group of DP leaders who recently joined Ssuubi 2011 and IPC have threatened to disrupt Mao's rally at Masaka children's Park. Police is already alert for any eventuality.