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Masaka City Leaders, Businessman Bicker over Green space :: Uganda Radionetwork

Masaka City Leaders, Businessman Bicker over Green space

The leaders are protesting the ongoing construction works in a green space along Broadway road, Musisi gardens zone.
The Disputed plot of land that been enclosed with Iron Sheets for Construction in Masaka City

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Nyendo-Mukungwe Division leaders in Masaka City have accused a local businessman of illegally constructing a building in one of the remaining public green spaces.

The leaders are protesting the ongoing construction works in a green space along Broadway road, Musisi gardens zone. They accuse Hajj Moses Kaliisa, of forcefully taking over the space without the authorization of the city authorities.

But Kaliisa says that they acquired the property from the past leadership of the Katwe-Butego Division and obtained approvals to develop the plot for commercial purposes.

The reclaimed greenbelt has been home to some of the oldest mango trees in Masaka City and was recently also planted with flowers and fixed with security lights to add beauty to the town. Over the weekend, the green space was fenced off to prepare for the construction of a commercial building.


Michael Nakumusana, the Nyendo-Mukungwe Division Chairperson argues that they cannot allow the construction works to proceed, claiming that the property still belongs to the council which has never authorized its sale.

He explains that although the previous leadership had sold off the property in 2013, the transaction was nullified by the Inspector General of Government, following investigations that indicted the former division Town Clerk of abuse of office and corruption.

According to Nakumusana, the division executive has unanimously decided to block the takeover of the green space and has instructed the Town Clerk to rescind the physical plan allegedly issued to the developer. 

  //Cue in: “I have all the evidence… 

  Cue out: …whatever he is doing.”//   Luganda      //Cue in: “ettaka eryo lyaviirako….   

  Cue out: ….mu kifo ekyo.”// 

Mulindwa indicated that they are concerned that the city council has previously lost much of its public green spaces that have been replaced with buildings, arguing that they cannot afford to lose more of the breathing spaces moreover in the middle of the town.

Emmanuel Gakyalo, the Masaka Deputy City Clerk says he was not yet in charge of the division when the transaction was made and adds that the transfers might have already been secured from the relevant authorities, who never pursue their cancellation.

Besides the resolution to protest the construction works, Gakyalo has advised the Division executive committee to seek redress from the court to challenge the authenticity of the land title that was issued to the developer.

    //Cue in:  “issue eya plot eyo….  

Cue out: ….kugwera mu kkooti.”//

The land dispute has arisen shortly after the Masaka City Stakeholders Committee instituted an inquiry into the management of public assets in the area.

The Special Committee which is chaired by Kimanya-Kabonera division Member of Parliament Dr. Abed Bwanika was instituted in January this year after it emerged that the city has 35 known properties that include land and buildings whose certificate of titles could be traced. 

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