Masaka City Leaders Demand Validation of Road Gangs

The leaders argue that the city spends huge sums of money to cater for the routine manual road maintenance, but the work is not commensurate with the expenditures.

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Masaka City leaders are demanding validation of road gangs operating in the area over accountability concerns. 

The leaders argue that the city spends huge sums of money to cater for the routine manual road maintenance, but the work is not commensurate with the expenditures. 

According to records, every month Masaka City spends close to 12 million shillings to cater for routine manual road maintenance activities that include sweeping, desilting, and clearing bushes along the roads. The money is spent on 90 road gangs and their heads who are paid a monthly salary of 100,000 and 150,000 shillings respectively. 

However, the local leadership at both the City and division levels are doubting the accountability reports, arguing that they do not see value for money in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

Michael Mulindwa Nakusana and Stephen Lukyamuzi, the Nyendo-Mukungwe, and Kimanya-Kabonera division chairpersons respectively indicate that the said road gangs have a thin presence in the areas. 

Mulindwa indicates that the expenditure reports presented by the City Works department do not represent the situation on the ground, raising suspicions that part of the money could be paid to ghost workers. 

According to Mulindwa, many of the town roads in his area are rarely cleaned as indicated in the report, and he rarely interfaces with the said road gangs. 

Lukyamuzi also doubts the actual presence of the road gangs in his division indicating that road cleaning and slashing have always been done through their monthly community cleaning exercises.  

He says that his office has never been furnished with the records concerning the said teams and that he only reads about them in reports.

Lukyamuzi demands that the City Clerk allows the division leadership to carry out validation of all the said road gangs as well as having their performance assessed. 

Alice Nannungi, the Masaka City Female Councillor representing Nyendo-Mukungwe Division, doubts the integrity of accountability reports in regard to activities executed using the road fund vote.

 She says it's high time the City undertakes close verification of every aspect of the accountability reports, demanding that they begin with tasking the office of the City Engineer to present all the road gangs in person for validation.

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Cue out; …..ogenda mukoleraki.”// 

Florence Namayanja, the Masaka City Mayor says that she also wants to physically look at all the road gangs, threatening that she may block road budget releases for this quarter should the City Engineer fail to conform to the demands within a week’s period.

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Augustus Tiribarungi, the Masaka City Principal Engineer denies having ghost road gangs, arguing that the team is instead still small to do the work to the satisfaction of everyone. He promises to make an arrangement to call all the road gangs at present to the leaders.