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Mayiga Decries Hooliganism During Masaza Soccer Tournament :: Uganda Radionetwork

Mayiga Decries Hooliganism During Masaza Soccer Tournament

He stresses the need for discipline during sporting activities from both the players and the fans.
23 Jun 2024 09:36
Players of Bulemeezi County Football Club warm up ahead of their clash with Buluuli at Kasana playground in Luwero town council.

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The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has emphasized discipline at the Kingdom's sporting activities, particularly the Masaza soccer tournament.

He says hooliganism merely impedes the growth of games and sports.

There is a history of hooliganism when Bulemeezi County football club is playing.  On Sunday, July 2, 2023, football fans were barred from accessing Kasana playground as Bulemeezi and Butambala Counties clashed. The ban was a development from the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA). 

It was after the previous year [2022], when Bulemeezi County was banned from that year's tournament over indiscipline by the fans.

The ban followed an investigation into the chaos that erupted after the Semi-final return leg on October 16, 2022, against Buddu County at Kasana playground. The ban was contained in a ruling made on October 26, 2022, by the ethics and disciplinary committee, a copy of which Uganda Radio Network (URN) obtained.

Bulemeezi fans were faulted for having beaten 11 Buddu fans and damaging 13 vehicles. It was against this background that Buddu decided to report the case to the ethics committee.

Similarly, Bulemeezi also accused Buddu fans of stealing and beating up people after the game.

There had been a counter-accusation by Bulemeezi that Buddu fans entered the stadium by force without paying. The committee used video footage to rule on the matter.

Four Bulemeezi players - Ssessazi Sulaiman, Oloya Habibu, Zizinga Ashraf, and Bagenda Abdul were also banned for two years. They were accused of attacking match officials.

One Bulemeezi fan identified as Patrick Bunya was also banned from appearing at any Masaza Cup games for five years. 

Earlier before this year’s opening match, police in Luwero District issued a stern warning to soccer supporters against hooliganism and carrying dangerous items ahead of the first game.   

Luwero District Police Commander [DPC] John Ojokuna said that tight security measures had been put in place to ensure the event's safety and seamless operation.   

Speaking to the media Saturday moments after the opening game between Bulemeezi the defending Champions and Buluuli Counties at Kasana Playground in Luwero town council, Katikkiro Mayiga stressed the need for discipline during sporting activities from both the players and the fans.

//Cue in: "Nneebaza Bulemeezi olw’okuteekateeka... 

Cue out: ...n’ababatunuulidde babeerawo bangi."// 

Buluuli has won the match, after beating Bulemeezi 1-0. In this year’s tournament, the teams are divided into three groups: Bulange, Muganzirwazza, and Masengere.The Bulange group includes; Bulemeezi, Buddu, Kyadondo, Buluuli, Butambala, and Bugerere. 

The Muganzirwazza group features Gomba, Ssingo, Kyaggwe, Buweekula, Mawogola, and Kooki while the Masengere group consists of Mawokota, Buvuma, Kabula, Busujju, Ssese, and Busiro. 

The matches will take place at various venues across Buganda, including Magyo for Buvuma, Ntenjeru for Bugerere, and Lutoboka Playground for Ssese, among others.