Mbale City Traders Protest Slow Works on USMID Roads

The vendors argue that due to the slow progress of works, the road has become impassable due to the flooding caused by the ongoing rains.
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Vendors operating on Naboa road and Cathedral Avenue in Mbale city are bitter with Dot services over the slow progress of the road works.    

Mbale City is implementing the second phase of the Uganda Support to Municipality Infrastructural Development-USMID project. The contract was awarded to Dot Services and the works are expected to end by February next year.

The vendors argue that the slow progress of works has made the roads impassable due to flooding caused by the ongoing rains.

Abdullah Basimme, the proprietor of Mass General Hardware says that they were promised by the authorities that they would speed up the works. He says that the poor state of the roads has affected their businesses.

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Shamina Muse, who operates hardware on Cathedral Avenue, says that the poor state of the roads has scared away their clients. She said that they told them that the works would be done in one month but it has surprised them that it is coming close to a year and no serious works have been done adding that the contractor is too slow.  

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Karim Gideleya, another vendor says that the contractor should concentrate on one lane of the road before embarking on the other instead of digging potholes on all the roads.   

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Abdulla Magambo, the Mbale City Council Deputy Speaker asked the contractor to speed up the construction works. He says that businesses have been affected especially on the upper part of the road which has been closed for one month.  

Rhoda Nyarib, the Mbale City USMID Project Coordinator attributes the slow progress on the covid19 pandemic.

She explains that the works are at 46% and they hope they will be completed on time.

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Cue out:…moves very fast”//   

Mario Christobal, the Project Manager Dot Services, said the works are ongoing except for a few challenges like the rains. He however says that the road will be completed at the stipulated time.


//Cue in: “Despite the challenges…  

Cue out:…substantially completed”//  

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