LRA Victim Hospitalised for Eight Years in Mbale

According to Tugainayo, the medics recommended an amputation of his leg such that he can heal but he refused and now the hospital is planning to throw him out of the hospital saying that he has turned into a security threat through impersonation to rob patient’s money and other things.

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Mbale Regional Referral Hospital is stuck with a patient who sustained injuries during the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency more 18 years ago.

Tom Ndayanabo Nabunda, a resident of Industrial Division in Mbale municipality was injured when the LRA soldiers ambushed and killed people who were travelling in a bus to Lira. He was among the few passengers who survived, albeit with serious injuries.    

His legs were broken and covered with wounds that he could no longer walk on his own.The 39-year-old spent nine years in the National Referral Hospital, Mulago from 2002 up to 2011 before he was transferred to Mbale Hospital where he has stayed to date.

From that time, he was given a bed outside the wards near ward eight and nine which has since become his home.  

Mbale Regional Referral Hospital Director Dr Tugaineyo Emmanuel told URN that they have tried to push Nabunda out of the hospital in vain. He says that they have on several occasions taken him to Mulago hospital at their expenses but he has voluntarily come back with the help of politicians and that he has refused to leave the hospital.     

//Cue in; “The administration… 

Cue out…also addicted.”//     

According to Tugainayo, the medics recommended amputation of his leg such that he can heal but he refused. Now the hospital is planning to throw him out of the hospital saying that he has turned into a security threat.

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Cue out…a security problem.”//

However, Nabunda disregarded Tugaineyo’s statements saying that he cannot for no reason refuse treatment because he is enduring a lot of pain.     

He admits that he declined amputation because the doctors told him that he has cancer which has spread all over his body, adding that it is pointless to go through the pain when the cancer is not attended to.   

According to him, he had to come back to Mbale Hospital because he was dumped at Mulago without being attended to.   

//Cue in; “I went I was…    

Cue out…need amputation.”//    

Nabunda told our reporter that President Yoweri Museveni promised him money for treatment but he has since received only 1 million shillings which was advanced to him through the current Chief Administrative Officer of Amudat district, Wasswa Masokoyi.    

Nabunda has three children who have all completed Senior Six, and according to him, the two boys are wandering in Kampala and the girl remained with the mother.  He has now called upon the government to intervene and help his children to join the forces such that they can be able to take care of him.      

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Cue out…like 8 years.”//      

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