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Mbale Street Parking Attendants Claim Bosses Demand Sex :: Uganda Radionetwork

Mbale Street Parking Attendants Claim Bosses Demand Sex

However one of the Central Investment Authority Company staff has dismissed allegations saying that those girls are just aiming at tarnishing their name.
22 Feb 2021 17:36

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Female workers operating as parking revenue collectors along different streets in Mbale city have raised their concern over continuous sexual harassment by their supervisors.

Mbale authorities in 2018  awarded Central Investment Authority company a tender to collect fees from vehicles on all streets in the town.

According to some victims who preferred anonymous, their supervisors tend to ask for sex from them and if they refuse, they discontinue them using false allegations against that particular female worker.They add that this year alone six of their female colleagues have been sacked because of refusing to provide sexual pleasures to their bosses, which is unfair.

Victims explain that they have failed to raise the matter to relevant authorities like Mbale city or police since they fear to lose their jobs.

The workers also says that before acquiring that job, they agreed with their bosses verbally  to paid  25% out of their  daily collection money which worked for the first three months but was later stopped. They says that they are working under hard conditions and some times can take two or more months before getting  the 100,000 shillings salary they are told is their pay. 

James Kutosi the public relation officer of Mbale City says the city is not responsible to those workers but Central Investment Authority. 

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Felix Nabusaamu the Mbale city labor officer shock with the information saying it is his first time to hear such from those workers. He urged the victims go to his offices and report the matter with evidence so that they can take legal action against the suspects since obtaining sex by menaces is criminal.

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Steven Masiga one of the human rights activists in Mbale city has asked the complainants to engage his office to handle the matter with the authorities.  He condemned the sexual abuse, saying that he has been getting similar complaints from other female workers of different organization and local government offices. 

However one of the Central Investment Authority Company staff who preferred anonymity has dismissed allegations saying that those girls are aiming at tarnishing their name. He adds that those workers who were dismissed were founds in act of misusing funds they collected by "eating" the money instead of remitting it to the office at the end of the day as agreed, while others were incompetent. 

The worker also says that all workers are paid 25% on part of their daily collection as agreed in time, adding that anybody with evidence that they don’t remit their salary or delay can produce the evidence.

Rogers Taitika the Elgon region police spokesperson has condemned the said acts, saying that those workers should report the matter to police and they start investigations. //Cue in ‘’institution  yabwe’’ ……// // Cue out ‘’ani agagafulwa’’………// //Police on sex Lug//              

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