Micro Finance Support Center Stuck with funds

The Micro Finance Support Centre, in Arua is stuck with over 3.5 billion shillings allocated for Saving and Credit Cooperative Organizations-[SACCOs in West Nile
SACCOs in the region, have reportedly failed to create capacity to absorb the funds.
Sadala Wandera, the Finance Service officer says that the center has only managed to lend out 1.4 billion shillings out of the 5 billion shillings since 2005.
Jane Esungoa, the Manager of Ayivu Farmers Sacco in Arua district attributes the uneven distribution of the funds to lack of capacity.
She explains that, Nebbi is doing well because West Nile Private Sector Development Center has been building the capacity of the Saccos, there for many years.
Most of the Saccos in Nebbi meet the requirements to access the funds, which include registration and payment of membership fees. But in Arua only one SACCO is registered.
Frank Orunya the chairman of Nebbi SACCO's forum attributes the success of SACCOs in Nebbi to transparency by the managers.
President Yoweri Museveni in his 2006 manisfesto promised to fight poverty, under the Prosperity for All Program, through SACCOs.
But most of the people in West Nile perceive the prosperity for all funds as a gift from Government, for their support.