Military Medics Take Over Tororo Main Hospital

Medical workers at Tororo Main Hospital have gone on strike forcing the District Security Committee to deploy medics from Rubongi Military Hospital.

Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, the RDC Tororo yesterday evening ordered for the deployment of 150 military medical personnel from Rubongi hospital at Tororo main hospital, to arrest the situation.

Hashaka says that other military medical personnel are to be distributed to various government health centers in Tororo where several complaints have been registered against medical staff, to provide an honest service to the population.

Dr. John Obonyo, the medical superintendent of Tororo main hospital says that they were forced to seek external assistance at the hospital because medical personnel have been working below expectations.

He says that most of the medical staff at Tororo hospital have been reporting late for duty, absconding or refusing to attend to emergencies when called up.

Dr Obonyo told the District Security Committee yesterday in a meeting convened to resolve problems at the hospital that, the situation is even more confusing because the medical doctors have refused to declare publicly their grievances.

Dr Obonyo says that because of the go slow strike by medical workers, some casual workers were forced to start dispensing drugs and administer treatment to patients.

But Felix Esoku, the CAO Tororo will not hear any excuses from the medical staff. Esoku says that insubordination is punishable by dismissal from duty.

Esoku has instructed Dr. Obonyo to report to him any medical doctor who does not want to work, yet continues drawing their salary for disciplinary action.