Minister Calls for Disarmament of Abim Paramilitary Force

An increasing level of insecurity at the border areas between Lira and Abim districts has prompted Minister of Lands, Daniel Omara Atubo to call for the disarmament of a paramilitary militia in Abim district.

Atubo says the force must be be disarmed, the same way the Amuka and Arrow Boys militias were handled to scale down on the armed murders.

Atubo has written to the ministers of security, defence, internal affairs, Karamoja affairs and for the Presidency expressing concern about the paramilitary group. He said three murders have been committed between April to June with the paramilitary militias as the suspects.

He said the murders of Yakobo Okello, Charles Omara and Okwir Adinya occurred on April 25, May 28 and June 21 respectively at the hands of the suspected paramilitary force.

The minister has called for a thorough investigation and prosecution of the culprits.

Atubo claims that the presence of the paramilitary force in Abim district is causing insecurity along the borderline and neighbouring areas.

He further advised that a clear demarcation of the disputed border line between Lira and Abim districts has to be established fast to avoid the tension being exhibited.

Joan Pacoto, the Lira Resident District Commissioner, confirms the suspicion that the murders are being carried out by the paramilitary group adding that attempts were underway to liaise with the authorities in Abim to arrest the suspects.

It has been suspected that the dispute has been the underlying cause of the tension among residents of the neighbouring areas.

The dispute came to limelight in May 2006 when the authorities of Abim district, extended its border signpost into an area believed to be in Lira district.