Bunyoro Minister thrown out of Parliament

Court found that the Minister was involved in voter bribery.The Masindi Municipality MP, Ernest Kiiza also Bunyoro Affairs Minister vows to appeal against the verdict.
Masindi Municipality Member of Parliament Ernest Kiiza has lost his Parliamentary Seat after court found him to have been involved in electoral malpractice.

The High court in Masindi nullified Ernest Kiiza's victory and ordered fresh election for the Municipality Parliamentary seat. The ruling follows a successful petition by former Bujenje MP, Kabakumba Matsiko.

Kabakumba challenged Earnest Kiiza's election to the Tenth Parliament on the ground of voter bribery and influence peddling.

The ruling on the petition was delivered  by Deputy high court registrar Alex Ajiji on behalf of the presiding judge Elizabeth Nahamya.

The judge said the petitioner had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Earnest Kiiza and his agents had been involved in bribing voters.

According to the judge, Kabkumba through her lawyers provided evidence to the effect that Earnest Kiiza constructed wells to induce voters,gave out money donations and football jerseys directly and through his agents.

Those actions according to the judge were enough to to confirm acts of bribing voters,contrary to electoral laws.

Basing on the findings, the judge declared Masindi Municipality seat vacant and ordered electoral commission,which was the second respondent to organize fresh elections.

But Ernest Kiiza who is also Minister in Charge of Bunyoro Affairs say he will appeal against the verdict through the court of appeal.

He says the Judge had made errors in her ruling.While some of Earnest Kiiza's supporters were seen crying outside the court room, Kabakumba and her supporters went into jubilation marching through the Masindi town streets.

Kiiza is the latest of the many NRM members of parliament to be ejected from the tenth Parliament .