Minister Isanga Nakadama's Husband to Stand for Mayuge LC5 Chair

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Dawuda Isanga, husband of the State Minister for Gender Rukia Isanga Nakadama, has joined the race for the Mayuge LC5 chair.
Isanga says he was approached by several people in Mayuge who convinced him that he was the right man for the job. He says he too believes that he has a lot to contribute to the development of his district and accepted the request.
The LC5 chairman of Mayuge, Baker Ikoba Tigawalana, disappeared on December 17th after the Supreme Court found him guilty of murder. Tigawalana was convicted in absentia for the murder of his political rival, Fred Nume Musiitwa, in 2003.
Dawuda Isanga says he is convinced that he can win the elections. He says the political success of his wife, Rukia Isanga Nakadama, is proof that his family is stable and he is therefore able to lead the people of Mayuge.
The Electoral Commission has not yet declared the seat vacant. This, however, hasn't prevented several politicians in Mayuge from announcing that they will contest for the position. Among them are former LC5 Vice Chairman of Mayuge Peter Tasibula Nkwanga, the District Speaker Fred Wajokiraina, and the District Youth Councilor Omar Bongo Ductur.
In the meantime the district security authorities are keeping their ears to the ground for clues into Tigawalana's whereabouts. The Mayuge Resident District Commissioner, Tom Kasenge, says he hasn't returned home and his family doesn't know where he is.
There are rumors that he is hiding in Kenya.