Voter Questions Minister Kasolo Academic Papers

A voter in Kyotera Constituency, Rakai district wants court to remove State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo from Parliament over alleged lack of requisite academic qualifications.
Minister Haruna Kasolo, left, whose academic qualifications are being questioned.

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State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo is in trouble over alleged lack of requisite academic qualifications.

Kasolo is the Member of Parliament for Kyotera Constituency in Rakai district.

A voter Ronald Katumba, a resident of Kyotera town council has filed an application at Masaka High Court seeking permission to allow him file an election petition challenging Kasolo's election.

Katumba contends that while the Kyotera legislator is known as Kyeyune Haruna, he was nominated as Kasolo Haruna Kyeyune.

Katumba claims that Minister Kasolo does not have qualifications to be a member of parliament basing on the investigations he has reportedly carried out. 

He explains that he therefore seeks court authority to allow him file a late election petition to challenge Kasolo's election. According to him, Kasolo does not deserve to get huge salaries since he does not qualify to be a legislator. Election petitions are supposed to be filed within 14 days after declaration of results, in this case after the February 20 when the results were declared.

The application is before Masaka High Court resident judge, John Eudes Keitirima.

Minister Kasolo, through is lawyers led by Caleb Alaka and Fred Mukasa Mbidde, denies the allegations and wants court to dismiss the application with huge costs.

Both Alaka and  Mbidde told Court that the application does not have the slightest merit and only intends to malign, embarrass and frustrate Minister Kasolo's hard work of serving the country.

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Justice Keitirima has set December 16th to deliver a ruling on whether or not to allow the applicant to go ahead and file an election petition.

Already four of the five MPs in Rakai district were kicked out of Parliament over lack of academic qualifications and election fraud respectively.

The four, who have since challenged the High Court rulings, are  Christopher Kalemba of Kakuuto,  Amos Mandela of Buyamba Constituency and  Boaz  Kasirabo of Kooki, who were all thrown out for lack of academic qualifications.

Rakai woman MP Juliet Suubi Kinyamatama was kicked out for election fraud.