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Mob Thwarts Machete Attack, Kills One Suspect :: Uganda Radionetwork

Mob Thwarts Machete Attack, Kills One Suspect

Sam Twiineamazima, the Acting Savannah regional police spokesperson, said in a statement that the Luwero District territorial police are actively investigating a case of murder by a mob. The latter made an alarm that attracted passers who then chased them and in turn, they arrested one. They battered him with stones and sticks and after his demise, they set the lifeless body ablaze.
06 Sep 2023 07:32

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Angry residents of Ngabo village in Katikamu Sub-County, Luweero District, successfully thwarted a machete attack by four men at approximately 2:30 AM on Tuesday morning. They managed to apprehend one of the attackers, lynched him, and set his body on fire. 

His accomplices escaped into the nearby bushes. The identity of the deceased remains unknown, but he is a male adult of around 25 years of age.   Sam Twiineamazima, the Acting Savannah regional police spokesperson, said in a statement that the Luwero District territorial police are actively investigating a case of murder by a mob. 

He explained that preliminary findings indicate that before the mob action, four men armed with machetes attempted to attack residents for unknown reasons. He says that the residents raised an alarm, which attracted passersby. They pursued the attackers, managed to capture one, and subjected him to physical harm leading to his death. 

Twiineamazima explained that upon receiving information from the area defense secretary, Ssekamanje Ndawula, the police responded promptly. However, their efforts to rescue the victim from the mob did not succeed.

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He says that they picked up the deceased body and conveyed it to Luwero Hospital for an autopsy and no arrests have been made. Mob justice has persisted in the Savannah region, encompassing Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola Districts. In July this year, police in Nakaseke District conducted a search for farm laborers suspected of being involved in a mob attack that resulted in the death of Richard, 28, a charcoal dealer and a resident of Buwana village in Kinyogoga Sub County.

It was alleged that the farm workers, employed by Molly Natukunda, apprehended Richard and his brother for stealing poles to make charcoal. The workers detained the brothers briefly at Natukunda's house before subjecting them to beatings. Richard succumbed to the injuries, while his brother managed to escape. In a related incident in March this year, an angry mob attacked a suspected cannibal in Kawumu village in Makulubita Sub-County, Luwero District.

Josephine Nantume, the chairperson of Kawumu village LC 1, and her defense secretary, Christopher Ssemafumu, rushed to save the suspected cannibal from the mob, but Ssemafumu's hand was injured during the rescue. The police were called to intervene, successfully rescuing the suspected cannibal, and taking him to Semuto Health Center for medical treatment. 

Erasto Kibirango, the Luwero District LC V Chairperson, previously expressed concerns about the prevalence of mob justice cases and criticized the police for their failure to restrain the public and expedite the trial of suspects. According to the Police Crime Report for 2022, Mukono District had the highest number of mob justice-related murders with 28 cases, followed by Nakaseke with 20 cases, and Kassanda and Kakumiro with 19 cases each.

In the previous year's crime report for 2021, Luwero was ranked first with 21 recorded cases of mob justice killings.

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