MOH Wants Special Clinics for Over Worked Health Workers

The permanent Secretary ministry of health Dr.Diana Atwine Kanzira says that health workers are over worked and they fail to get time for themselves which expose their lives in danger.

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The Ministry of Health wants special clinics arranged for over worked medical workers in the country as a measure of giving them more medical attention too.

Dr. Diana Atwine Kanzira, the permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health says that health workers are over worked and therefore fail to get time for themselves which exposes their lives to danger.  

She notes that medical workers are exposed to a number of challenges that affect their mental and body health, and these challenges most times are not attended to due to busy schedules.  

Dr. Atwine said on Wednesday that the country is losing medical workers due to lack of a significant program that cares for their health.

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Dr. Atwine adds that on the side of government, all health workers enrolled are entitled to free health care services but this is not enough given the situation under which they operate. She notes that this can be easily achieved if government partners with the private sector come up with a program that can routinely examine medical workers.  

She adds that as government they have always wanted to create such a program for their health workers, but practically it has proved to be difficult working upon it in isolation.

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Dr. Atwine indicates that health workers carry a number of burdens from their patients who they do not stop at treating but also extend other services that include counseling and listening to all sorts of problems from their patients that require solutions.

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She said this while launching a partnership for Health Heart Africa program in Uganda between Uganda Protestant Medial Bureau (UPMB) and AstraZeneca Company.

Dr. Atwine noted that the country still has a challenge on creating awareness on Non Communicable diseases (NCDs) among the population.