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Moroto Residents Using PDM Funds to Purchase Food :: Uganda Radionetwork

Moroto Residents Using PDM Funds to Purchase Food

Several families in Moroto district are on the verge of starvation due crop failure that resulted from the prolonged drought which destroyed over 10000 acres of land.
Local leaders and PDM beneficiaries during the launch of PDM funds disbursement in Moroto district headquarters

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Moroto district leaders are skeptical about the progress of the Parish Development Model program following the biting poverty among households.

Several families in Moroto district are on the verge of starvation due to crop failure that resulted from the prolonged drought which destroyed over 10,000 acres of land.

However, the government is carrying out the disbursement of PDM funds to the beneficiaries, raising questions among the local leaders on the sustainability of this program.

According to the leaders, the money has come at a time when most households are hit harder by hunger and the PDM money is being used as a relief support for survival.

John Baptist Lokii, the Member of Parliament of Matheniko County in Moroto district noted that at least 80 percent of the PDM groups have received money but unfortunately, it will be used for buying food for the family.

Lokii said that the money was disbursed in the middle of the drought and yet the beneficiaries have selected crop cultivation as the major enterprise.

Lokii said that they are worried about whether the principle of the revolving fund will work since the people have diverted the money to fight hunger in their households.

He said the government may not be able to recover the money because all the enterprises that were selected have not worked.

Lokii revealed that it was better for people to use money for food and survive than dying of hunger when there was money at hand.

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David Koryang, the LCV Chairperson of Moroto observed that all the sub counties are being hit by hunger and there is no hope for PDM progress.

Koryang acknowledged that the government has done much to fight poverty in the households but food insecurity has kept frustrating most of the poverty alleviation programs.

He said that all the people who had chosen cereal banking enterprises were unable to perform it because of the drought-affected crop production.

Koryang reiterated that the beneficiaries who have already received money are greatly affected and they cannot save it for the next year’s season.

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Albert Lokoru, the Member of Parliament for Tepeth County in Moroto district is still optimistic that the PDM will still achieve its purpose since the money will be given in every financial year.

Lokoru acknowledged that although the money may be diverted in this season, the government will consider adding more funds that can meet the target.

He also noted the progress of the PDM program will also depend on how people will spend the money despite the biting hunger in the region.

Lokoru urged the PDM beneficiaries to consider opening up small businesses that can keep them in the money economy as they wait for reliable rains so as to venture into crop production.

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Moroto district has so far disbursed more than 1.7 Billion Shillings to 1,076 beneficiaries out of a total of more than 4 Billion Shillings.