Moroto Threatens to Blacklist Ghost NGOs

Mohamed Satti, the head of UN World Food Program also assigned to coordinate the UN agencies in Karamoja asked partners to consider the concerns raised by the district authorities.
Signposts of NGOs in Moroto town.

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Moroto district local government plans to blacklist development partners that are not on the ground.  There are 84 development partners in Moroto district but only 72 are registered with the Community Development Department.


Those registered include ten UN agencies, 25 NGOs and 30 local partners among others. Last week, district authorities raised concern following unproductive and less engagement of partners in alleviating the high poverty levels, disease burden, food security and high dropout rates in schools.

Martin Jacan Gwokto, the Moroto Chief Administrative Officer, says whereas the district is flooded with development partners, little is on the ground. He notes that the district suffered budget cuts in the last financial year, which affected its annual performance. He explains that Moroto district didn't realize more than half of the donor budget.

"We expected in our last financial year budget to have realized Shillings 1.4 billion but to our surprise, only about shillings 770 million was received yet the center knows we have many partners in development to cover gaps. It is either they cooperate or we close the doors." Gwokto said.

Gwokto faults the Non-government Organizations, NGOs for failing to coordinate with the district. "Most of the time, these partners don't even attend our meetings! Overtime, I have pleaded to development partners to submit their work plans and budgets for integration in the district development plan but the response has not been positive. Plans are now underway to have the coordination meetings on quarterly basis of all development partners operating in the district as a way of streamlining and guiding their operations" part of CAO's communication read.

Gwokto adds that a number of development partners keep duplicating services and concentrate in similar areas yet residents still swim in poverty.

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Christine Akot, the Moroto LC V vice chairperson who is also in charge NGOs, says it is time to show value for money in the partner interventions. Akot claims that a number of partners seem to spend much on software and their salaries at the expense of residents.

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Richard Omoding, the manager RIAMRIAM Civil Society Organization that coordinates all partners in Karamoja agrees with the observations made by the district. 

"Even in our updated records of NGOs in Karamoja, we have only registered 53 yet there are more than 200 partners in Karamoja. There's need for compliance with the NGO Act and show true cause fir development. Some organizations are seen only during the launch and at the closure of the projects" Omoding said.  


Mohamed Satti, the head of UN World Food Program also assigned to coordinate the UN agencies in Karamoja asked partners to consider the concerns raised by the district authorities. 

The brief analysis conducted by URN shows that most of the organizations are centered within Nadunget and Rupa sub counties on health and education while Katikekile and Tapac have partners dealing with mineral sector.

While the district is alarmed over brief case partners, Moroto Municipality is bitter that the vast organizations are only concentrated in the four rural sub counties, leaving Moroto Municipality with the burden of hosting them. Noah Ewaru, the Mayor told URN in a recent interview that he is disappointed with development partners.  


"All those cars and partners live within Moroto Municipality but we only have Welthunger hife and AMICAAL in the Municipality. We only have signposts and offices in the Municipality but the interventions are for other places!" Ewaru said.

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