MP Kabafunzaki, Kabale district On The Spot Over Rukiga Maize Mill

Rukiga district authorities accuse Kabale of omitting the maize plant from the list of items they passed over when the district was started operating.
18 Apr 2019 12:18
The disputed Milling Plant-min

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Rukiga district is up arms over the management of Rukiga maize milling plant. 

The maize plant is found in Kangondo in Mparo Town council in Rukiga district along Rushebeya-Kabale road.  

It was established by government under the Community Agriculture Infrastructure Improvement Programme-CAIIP to promote value addition and boost agriculture before Rukiga district was operationalized.   

Rukiga district authorities accuse Kabale of omitting the maize plant from the list of items they passed over when the district  started operating.  

The officials say they were surprised recently seeing the Rukiga County Member of Parliament, Hebert Kabafunzaki milling maize at the plant, which he packed and transported on trucks to unknown location.

They are querying where Kabafunzaki got authority to take over the plant and the motive of Kabale district for not handing over the maize mill to Rukiga district.

Alexander Kampikaho, the Rukiga District LC 5 Chairman, says he has personally seen Kabafunzaki supervising workers at the mill. 

According to Kampikaho, the district is losing Shillings 1.5 million each month because of the illegal use of the plant.   He suspects connivance between the legislator and Kabale district officials to use the plant illegally. 

Kampikaho says his office will liaise with the Chief Administrative Officer to ensure that Kabafunzaki stops using the plant since he didn’t get it using the right procedure.

//Cue in: “They are supposed.”//

Cue out: …Rukiga district.”// 

Gastone Muhereza alias Bucundura, the LC V councilor Kashambya Sub county, says Kabafunzaki shouldn’t have been the one utilizing the plant without the knowledge of Rukiga district authorities.

He says the MP should have championed Rukiga district’s struggle to take control of the mill from Kabale district. 

Muhereza who doubles as Rukiga District Production and Marketing Secretary, faults technocrats for failing to follow up the matter and ensure the maize plant is officially recorded as a district asset.

//Cue in: “Babwegyekire hankuto kandi…  

Cue out: …bakagyihamba no’kugyihamba.”// 

Sadress Zinabweine, the Rwamucucu Sub county female councilor, says they have failed to realize the purpose of installing the maize mill, which was meant to boost household incomes. 

//Cue in: “kanwa kagamba ninye… 

Cue out: …esente tinziine.”//

Patrick Besigye Keihwa, the Kabale District LC 5 Chairman insists all the assets including the maize milling plant at Kangondo were handed over to Rukiga the day it was curved out of Kabale in July 2017.

Keihwa says he lacks jurisdiction on any asset in Rukiga, adding that no person there should involve Kabale officials in their confusion.   .

//Cue in: “ when Rukiga and… 

Cue out: …own affairs.”// 


//Cue in: “ ndeenda kukuhamiza ngu…

Cue out: …ezo ensya.”// 

Hebert Kabafunzaki, the Rukiga County Member Of Parliament has since denied using the maize mill. 

He accuses Kampikaho of blowing matters out of proportion to gain fame among his electorate since he has declared interest in his seat. 

Our reporter visited Kangondo and found the plant operating but was turned away by those operating it.  

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