MP Kigozi Petitions NUP After Rejection by Vetting Committee

Kigozi says that he is challenging the procedure used by the vetting committee.
Ssajjalyabeene Ssempala Kigozi

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The Makindye-Ssabagabo Municipality MP Emmanuel Ssempala Kigozi Ssajjalyabeene has petitioned the National Unity Platform- NUP party seeking answers why he was rejected by the party’s vetting committee. 

Kigozi was part of the 11 Democratic Party Members who left to join Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert’s NUP. He was however rejected by the committee for David Sserkenya.

He says People Power’s survey in his constituency that supposedly found him unpopular is misguided and unrepresentative.

Kizito says that he left the Democratic Party over some issues and he doesn’t want the National Unity Platform to ride on the same agenda. 

He wants the vetting committee to release a detailed methodology that they used vet him.

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He, however, said that he will not return to the democratic, despite being denied the NUP flag. 

In an earlier interview with People Power Spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, he said that members have the right to contest as independents although. He, however, said that if they contest, it will divide NUP’s support in next year’s elections.

On Saturday, the Lubaga North Member of Parliament, Moses Kasibante, says his will run as an independent candidate after he was rejected by the NUP vetting committee. 

The committee handed the Lubaga North MP flag to the incumbent, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speaker, Abubaker Kawalya.

He argued that the criteria used to hand the NUP flag to Kawalya is contestable, which has prompted him to run as an independent.

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