MPs Express Mixed Reactions to State of Nation Address

While addressing Parliament unveiled 11 measures that he said will help sustain the economy which was affected by COVID-19.
The afternoon plenary session Chiared by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

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Members of Parliament have expressed mixed views on the State of the Nation Address.

Some MPs said that the President did not offer a clear strategy on how to save the economy from the effects of covid-19 while others say he gave hope to Ugandans.

While addressing Parliament on Thursday, the President unveiled 11 measures that he said will help sustain the economy which was affected by COVID-19.

Some of the measures include allowing enterprises (SMEs) to delay payment of corporation tax or presumptive taxes, deferring the taxes for tourism, manufacturing, horticulture and floriculture until September 2020.

Others are deferring payment of Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) tax by the most affected sectors until September 2020, waiver of interest on tax arrears, support to water and electricity utilities to ensure the continued supply of the essential services to consumers during the period April to June 2020 among others.    

The Gulu Municipality MP Lyandro Komakech says that Government should recapitalize Uganda Development Bank with more money to assist businesses that were affected by covid-19.

He also says that the President downplayed some sectors which are very instrumental to the economy.

 //Cue in: “The President rumbled…  

Cue out:…us more revenue”//     

Kaps Hassan Fungaroo, Obongi County MP says the President did not give assurance on how Government will continue managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Cue out:…in the districts”//

Lira Municipality MP Jimmy Akena says the President's emphasis on Agriculture and plans to stimulate the economy is what stood out for him.

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 Cue out:…citizens of Uganda”//    

The Leader of Opposition Betty Aol Ocan noted that it is good that the government has highlighted production as one of the measures to revive the economy.

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Cue out:… all of them”//  

The Katikamu county North MP Abraham Byandala says that the President’s address gave people hope after the pandemic.

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 Cue out:…it very clear”//   

The Erute North MP Charles Abacacon Gutomoi says that he hopes what the President said will be implemented. 

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 Cue out:…going to happen”//     


Felix Kulaigye, the Army representative in Parliament says that the President’s address was positive. He says if the government gives Agriculture the attention it deserves, it will boost the economy.

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 Cue out:…involved in production”//

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