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Mpuuga Urges For Dialogue Among Poltical Forces :: Uganda Radionetwork

Mpuuga Urges For Dialogue Among Poltical Forces

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He promised to dedicate energies towards building cohesion among the opposition political parties.
22 Jun 2024 09:56
Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, Nyendo-Mukugwe MP and Parliamentary Commissioner addressing the gathering during his thanksgiving Mass on Friday

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Nyendo-Mukungwe MP, Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba says there is a need for honest dialogue among change-seeking forces for a peaceful transition of power in Uganda.

He says it is high time the country changed its political course by having leaders who advocate for a peaceful transition of power as opposed to bitter confrontations among political players. 

Speaking to a congregation that attended his thanksgiving mass at Kitovu Sports Arena in Masaka City on Friday, Mpuuga indicated that despite the apparent internal conflicts within the National Unity Platform in which he belongs, he will dedicate energies towards building cohesion among the opposition political parties.  

“It has been over 60 years since we gained independence, but we continue to regard each other as enemies. It is time now that we define what divides us and unite for our common progress as a country,” he says. 

He cautioned all change-seeking forces against characters of pride, selfishness, and confrontations, arguing that such conduct is unbecoming and frustrates efforts of realizing the much-needed political transition. 

Besides reconciling and building mutual respect within the NUP, Mpuuga suggested the need to reflect on the opinions of all other concerned stakeholders such that they can collectively define the future of the country.  

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He indicates that despite suffering ridicule, hatred, unfounded accusations, disparaging attacks, and betrayal minted out against him from circles of his party, he remains steadfast in championing the principles of good governance.

Mpuuga has been at loggerheads with the top leadership of his party after they instructed him to resign from the position of Parliamentary Commission after it emerged that he was one of the recipients of the 500 million shillings  “service award” while he was still serving as the Leader of Opposition.

He indicates that he braved the tough challenges that come with the responsibility of offering leadership, especially when dealing with egocentric individuals, including those who are ill-prepared for leadership.

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Busiro East MP, Medard Lubega Ssegona urged the NUP top leadership to reconcile the current disputes within its ranks and take a strong position to enforce discipline among its members.

He is optimistic that the party can recover from the current altercations and regain public confidence as a better alternative to the incumbent government.

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Monsignor John Baptist Ssebayigga who led the mass on behalf of Kampala Archbishop, Paul Ssemogerere challenged leaders in various positions to always work for unity and promote fairness for the good of the country.  

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