Mufti Refuses to Appear Before Muslim Property Probe

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The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Mubaje, has for a second time declined to appear before a commission investigating the alleged fraudulent transfer and sale of Muslim properties throughout the country.

Sheikh Mubaje is wanted by the commission to explain his alleged involvement in the mismanagement of the Muslim properties. Several witnesses told the committee that the Mufti was directly involved in the shoddy transactions.

The Mufti was previously scheduled to appear before the committee on Friday last week. He could not be traced because he was reportedly out of the country on official duty.

Committee members did not hide their disappointment today, after they were informed that the Mufti had once again declined to appear before the committee.

The chairperson of the commission, Yahaya Mpeza, said the committee, which was supposed to wind up its investigations last Friday was forced to extend its hearings to give the Mufti a chance to explain himself.

Mpeza disclosed that the Mufti directed the commission to meet him at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council headquarters in Old Kampala and not at Hotel Africana, where the committee has been seating.

But Mpeza said meeting the Mufti at Old Kampala, would imply giving him preferential treatment, which is out of the committee's mandate. He said that the committee would not give the Mufti another chance to explain his actions and will go ahead and compile its final report.

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The Commission will present its report to the Chairman of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council who will then present it to the Council's Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee will then forward it to the joint session comprising of the College of Sheikhs and the Executive Committee. The Central Executive Committee which is the top most decision making body is charged with implementing the recommendations of the report.