Mulyagonja Wants 52billion for Inspectorate Head Offices.

The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagonja while appearing before Parliament\'s committee on legal and parliamentary affairs said that the Inspectorate spends 1.8billion Shillings of its annual budget on rent.

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The Inspectorate of Government, Irene Mulyagonja wants fifty to billions to construct the Inspectorate\'s Head office in Kampala.

Mulyagonja  while appearing before the Legal and Parliamentary  Affairs  committee said the Inspectorate spends close to two billion shillings each financial on rent at IPS building in Kampala.  

She says her Inspectorate has already procured land valued at over five billion shillings where they plan to put up a building. The bids for the architectural designs according to Mulyagonja have also been received.

Mulyagonja who together with her Deputy, George Bamugemereire were in parliament to defend the Inspectorate\'s 2015/2016 financial year budget  it is becoming unsustainable for the Inspectorate and its sixteen regional offices to operate in rented premises. 

She noted that in the budget frame work paper only 1.5billion Shillings has been allocated towards the construction work. The money according to Mulyagonja can only be enough to be used to pay the firm being hired to undertake architectural designs.


//Cue in: “we have convinced…

Cue out:…pay that rent”//


//Cue in: “mukupangisa tusasula…

Cue out:...tetusasula renti”//

The National Youth MP, Monica Amoding suggested that the processes for construction of the regional offices of the inspectorate should also be initiated citing that a lot of money is spent on rent on ordinary buildings.

//Cue in: “I come from…

Cue out:…in those regions”//

The Inspectorate also sought the intervention of the committee for government to allocate additional four  billion Shillings to cater for the un-funded priorities for the inspectorate.

She said more money was required for inland travels , facilitation of investigations , recruitment of additional 30 technical officers and wage shortfall  among others.